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Software Games MASRDBE

M   A   S   R   D   B   E

MisAdventures of Sir Randolph Doogleberry, British Explorer

Pyramids and Puzzles

Freeware !
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Type Games
Genre Puzzle
Released 27 / Jan / 2004
Version 1.2

Updated 10 / Sep / 2006  (Goto updates section)

Software features
Input Keyboard, Mouse,
Modes 1 Player,
Display Fullscreen,

This software is 100% safe for any age.

Development team
citizen   -   Graphics Artist
TwiTerror   -   Music Composer
t0nad0   -   Programer
danjo   -   programmer / artist

You are Sir Randolph Doogleberry, British Explorer. While commissioned by Her Royal Majesty the Queen, you find yourself once again in another predicament.

Trapped in an acient Tomb of an ancient Pharoah, you must solve the puzzle of each room to escape.

To escape each room, you must guide Randolph over the sinking tiles until only one tile remains.

- 45 Levels
- Save game system

Supported operating systems
The IP rights to this trademark belong to Microsoft. Acoders uses this logo explicity without permission. If for any reason this graphics is deemed a legal matter, we will remove it immediatly after communication has instructed us to do so. Windows ( 95, 98, ME, XP )

Required .dll/.ocx
Download this dll cncs32.dll ( download )
Download this dll cncs232.dll ( download )

If you are featuring this piece software on your site, please do not direct link to our screenshots as this steals large amounts of our bandwidth. Please use a local copy.

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skn3 - 10 / Sep / 2006 No comments
Version 1.1 uploaded. Fixes crucial end of game bug!

skn3 - 31 / Jan / 2004 View comments (1)
Version 1.2

The patches are coming thick & fast. Probably should have got beta testers to test these aye ?

This patch fixes some levels that were either near to impossible, or actualy impossible. Once again you can download the patch if you have an existing copy, or if not just go right ahead and download it as normal

skn3 - 29 / Jan / 2004 No comments
Version 1.1 fixes some minor issues. Main downloads are updated, and a patch has been released to update anyone that happens to have version 1.0

citizen - 27 / Jan / 2004 View comments (2)
Software released!


Main downloads
MASRDBE v1.2 (mirror 1)
3 meg
28 / Jan / 2004

MASRDBE v1.2 (mirror 2)
3 meg
28 / Jan / 2004

MASRDBE v1.2 (mirror 3)
3 meg
27 / Jan / 2004

Extra downloads
Patch v1.x -> v1.2
2 meg
29 / Jan / 2004

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