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C   o   u   n   t   e   r   B   a   l   a   n   c   e


Fiendish Balancing Mayhem

Progress 20%
Type Games
Added 24 / Nov / 2003
Version 0.1b

Updated 13 / Jul / 2004  (Goto updates section)

Software features
Input Mouse,
Modes 1 Player, 2 Player, Internet play
Display Windowed,

Development team
citizen   -   Graphics Artist, Game Designer
Jimbob   -   Programmer, Game Designer
TwiTerror   -   Music Composer

CounterBalance is a frantic puzzle game that takes a twist on an old concept.

The object of the game is to score as many points as you can by eliminating colored blocks in groups of three or more. The twist? You have to do this while balancing two playing areas, each on separate sides of a scale

3 different One Player modes
2 different Two Player modes
Over seven specialty blocks
Online Scoreboard
Customizable gameplay
Another cracking soundtrack from TwiTerror

Supported operating systems
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Compatible graphics api
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Jimbob - 13 / Jul / 2004 View comments (2)
Okay, I think I've had a big enough break starting random projects away from CounterBalance to come back to it. I am sticking to the original look but the effects and code are getting an overhaul because it won't go any further without one. I've also cut down on the playable modes to make it less confusing yet still give a bit of diversity. So in the following weeks, look out for a full on update...

Jimbob - 04 / May / 2004 View comments (4)
Beta test has ended

Jimbob - 29 / Mar / 2004 View comments (3)
Counterbalance is on hiatus. It needs a drastic rethink/redesign because I don't find it fun anymore. It may mean I restart the engine from scratch, recently I've learnt a lot more about Blitz and this will not stay together if I keep bolting features haphazardly on.

I have a very good idea in the new direction this game will head and it will be a lot more fun than the what the current version will give. I'm also getting a new computer and Protean IDE (next week) which will speed things up a lot. In the meanwhile, me and Citizen have planned a different game to keep the creative juices flowing...expect something in the near future.

I'm not ending the beta so that any ideas can still be posted on the beta tester board. I will type up my idea there soon. Please don't try to enter the beta now.

citizen - 06 / Mar / 2004 View comments (1)
Well, although slow, work continues on Counter Balance. Jimbob is currently trying to get the two player online set up and once that hurdle is overcome, thigns should start moving along better.

Jimbob - 08 / Feb / 2004 No comments
A few things I've done in the past few weeks
- Changed everything to the original graphics modes
- Made Fullscreen/Windowed mode work
- Fixed up start game sequence
- Added new Custom mode
- Started work on multiplayer
- Fixed up menu to be easier to edit and created multiplayer options
- Added a combo effect
- Started work on a new mode

Things I hope to do this week or next:
- Make a generic multiplayer game
- Finish new mode
- Fix up level end / game end sequence
- Fix up existing sounds
- Put in Twi's ModFX plugin
- Make scrolling backdrop snazzier
- Add warning effect

Jimbob - 29 / Jan / 2004 No comments
Counter Balance is back on the track to completion after sorting out some severe annoyances with the graphics code. Since last time some new modes for both one and two players have been suggested which will no doubtably enter the fray.

Due to the graphics change you can now choose between windowed and fullscreen and I can also reap the benefits of ModFX.

I'm going to aim for a March release (keep that under your hats people). At least then I have something to aim for (most likely the game will be finished late Feb for beta testing). I'm beginning to realise how good this game could be...and will be.

Jimbob - 04 / Jan / 2004 No comments
New Beta up...featuring a bit o' new stuff. Check out the forum post if youre a beta tester.
Its shaping up nicely now, only having a bit of trouble with Modfx, when thats sorted out, two player is the next big objective....

TwiTerror - 25 / Dec / 2003 No comments
Wow, I'm allowed to do this? Anyway, I've been making lots of groovy music for Counter Balance, and I think the soundtrack will be worth its weight in gold. (Maybe silver... maybe bronze... maybe dog feces ;< We'll just see what happens. The game will be using "ModFusion eX" for Blitz, so this is your sampler

citizen - 12 / Dec / 2003 View comments (1)
Progress continues on Counter Balance (CB). Jimbob is currently working on version 19. We are still waiting for more feedback from our beta testers. A simple "neat game" or "it needs music and sfx" isn't exactly what we had in mind for feedback. The single player engine is just about finished, just tweaking some leveling and scoring issues. I have the task of making the sidebar and all the extras look "less than simple", a task I hate. I can't stand doing stuff like that.

Jimbob - 27 / Nov / 2003 View comments (3)
A few things:
1) New screenie, doesnt show much but its new nevertheless.
2) We are looking for beta testers...sign up now for a go
3) If you do become a tester, I have a new version ready for your perusal.
More next week!

citizen - 24 / Nov / 2003 No comments
Beta test has started!

citizen - 24 / Nov / 2003 View comments (2)
Added project!

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