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Mr Stump's Dentures: Kiddie Edition
MSD: Kiddie Edition

A re-imagining of the 2004 original, Mr Stump's Dentures is coming to Android!

Progress 90%
Type Games
Added 24 / Nov / 2013
Version N/A

Updated 24 / Nov / 2013  (Goto updates section)

Software features
Modes 1 Player,

Author ChrisS

Some ten (nearly) years ago, I released a platformer to the indie gaming world called Mr Stump's Dentures. It went on to receive numerous downloads, and several magazine appearances, yet the game itself received a generally mixed reaction.

At this current time, I'm 30 years old. Which means I'm practically a fossil, a relic, in the Click Community (of what there is left of it). It also means that my priorities in life have changed from "back in the day" but in truth, I still have that game designers itch.

Yes, I'm still working on MSD2 (which will quite possibly be my final release before I retire from the Click scene permanently and move on to pastures new), but until that day comes, I'm doing to try and focus on making Android games.

This is one of them. A remake, or reimagining, of the original game, storytold from a childs perspective. After all, Mr Stump has aged since we last saw him, and almost certainly has a little sprog now.

That little sprog has been telling stories at school about the adventures of his Dad. However, as we all know, children like to embellish things. They like to... lie.

In young Master Stump's story, for instance, there never was a Tooth God, nor an enemy called Mr Dump, but there was, for some reason, a main bad guy called Bullyboy Braceface (eventually growing up into Dr Braceface in the upcoming MSD2).

It's almost believeable, and certainly as realistic as being able to jump into your own mouth.

MSD: Kiddie Edition showcases the new story told from a childs perspective, and largely retains the levels (in a remade format) from the 2004 original. But like Chinese Whispers, there are definitely some new things added...

For Android. Coming VERY soon!

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