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Mr Stump's Dentures 2

The inept hero once again manages to lose his dentures.

Progress 30%
Type Games
Added 07 / Feb / 2008
Version 0.1

Updated 26 / Aug / 2010  (Goto updates section)

Author ChrisS

THE STORY (at this point)

Got teeth?

Dr Braceface' dental practice is losing patients - no doubt due to the dodgy fillings and unnecessary extra dental work that the dodgy dentist is performing. He's in danger of becoming bankrupt! So he concocts a plan to get rich again.

Having heard of the legendary dentures in Mr Stump's first game, Dr Braceface decides to steal them in order to summon the Tooth God. But why? Rumour has it that the Tooth God despises dentists and will go out of its way to murder them.

If this rumour is true, being in control of the Tooth God will place Dr Braceface in the unique position of being the worlds only dentist - and then he can raise his prices to extortionate levels! He must be stopped!

Which is where YOU come in!

Mr Stump's Dentures 2 has been in the works since March 2004, and has seen four different iterations - the current of which has been in development since September 2007. Being part of a genre that I really can relate to, a platformer, it is the sequel to a game that most certainly received a very mixed reaction upon release. Some loved it, some hated it, some were just indifferent - and some, perhaps for good reason, found it unfairly hard. This sequel hopes to address the flaws of the original game.

The gameplay is different this time around. While you can simply play through the levels consecutively, you won't be seeing what MSD2 has to offer. Hidden in each of the three acts per level is a Stumpy Statue. You'll be required to find these to unlock bonus stages - which they themselves have to be beaten in a strict time limit - in order to fully complete the game. These statues can be very well hidden and thus require determination to find.

What is also in the works:

Bigger, improved, more detailed and more colourful graphics! The original MSD featured midget-sized enemies that were very hard to jump on and quite difficult to see.

A more robust, responsive platform engine. The original games' engine was quite limited in terms of flexibility - for example, you could only jump at a certain height. This issue has been rectified for the sequel!

A scoring system - MSD2 features collectables, as well as enemies, that both relinquish points to you. What will happen with these points isn't fully decided yet... there'll either be some kind of high score feature, or a means of unlocking extra content.

Original music

SUPER STUMP! (see the old trailer or observe one of the new screenshots!)

I guess that's it for now, it's a big enough preview and maybe it'll whet your appetite for the full game. I've got no idea when it'll be released though...

PLEASE NOTE: The content for this game may change over the course of time.

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ChrisS - 26 / Aug / 2010 No comments
It's been too long since I updated this page. But here we are. SEVEN new screenshots for your beautiful eyes

ChrisS - 07 / Feb / 2008 View comments (5)
Added project!

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It's been too long since I updated this page. But here we are. SEVEN new screenshot...

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