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Projects Games Industrika

I   n   d   u   s   t   r   i   k   a


City-based shooter with a classic edge

Progress 50%
Type Games
Added 14 / Mar / 2005
Version 0.3b

Updated 21 / Mar / 2006  (Goto updates section)

Author Jimbob

Industrika is going to be a challenging shooter based around a city infested with malfunctioning robots. Your task is to go through the city's areas and destroy all the machines and finally destroy the source of them all.

Main features:
- 7 areas to clear out
- Over 10 different enemy types with different behaviours
- Upgradeable Weapons and Jet Engines
- Funky parallax scrolling
- Additional Time attack and Extreme modes
- Secret bonus game
- ...and more to come?

If you are featuring this piece software on your site, please do not direct link to our screenshots as this steals large amounts of our bandwidth. Please use a local copy.
Jimbob - 21 / Mar / 2006 No comments
The slog continues...
Easter holidays here, and again I've picked up work on it. 10 of the 11 enemies are implemented now (to vary degrees of effectiveness) and all the areas have been tested to link together, which is cool. I've added the second base type and the enemies they spawn so I'll post a new screenshot soon. I've also started recolouring and animating the sprites properly so things are starting to look tight. The backgrounds are gonna be a real pain I forsee though...

Jimbob - 25 / Nov / 2005 No comments
Yay, you can now do fullscreen! and have all sorts of funky options (well, key/button configs). I'm gonna add the capability of platforms and change the movement to a more jetpack feel adding a little extra in the gameplay department. But yeh, after next week I'll be free of uni (for the most part) and should have tons of time to get this done...if I'm not making a sekrit xmas game for the TDC competition

Jimbob - 02 / Oct / 2005 No comments
Okay, starting uni again ate up a fair bit of time. But I'm back in the groove almost. Just to stop Lil' Wizard taking over all the update space I'll post a little more. Got some funky cash notes and big coins going and sorting out a player spawning and dying thing planned. Next time, news will come when it comes...I'm not promising owt.

Jimbob - 30 / Aug / 2005 No comments
I guess I should update here a little more often. You may have noticed the progress bar jump up a little. Well, that's because I've done a fair bit (duh!). 2 of the 7 areas are fully complete with another 2 already with the graphics made. Animation has been added, bouncing collectables, explosions, a warp effect, joystick support and more weapons are on the way. 4 of the 10 enemies have been coded in (with the others in prototype). It should all come together quite nicely, I'm also preparing to make a little frontend so that you peeps can edit all your controls and add fullscreen support that some of you asked for in Ork Attack. More news soon...

Jimbob - 14 / Mar / 2005 No comments
Added project!

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