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Remake of Crackpot

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Type Abandonware
Added 09 / Jul / 2004
Version 1

Updated 11 / Jul / 2004  (Goto updates section)

Software features
Modes 1 Player,
Display Windowed, Fullscreen, Changeable resolution

Development team
danjo   -   co-author
citizen   -   co-author

This was a Game Citizen began in 2003. He got my help to work with him making this game.
It involves Bug Exterminators - Lary and Barry of BUG-OFF exterminators that travels to building and rids them of invading pests.
To clear waves of invading bugs, you must push pots off the roof, and squash them, before they reach the windows and get in.
If 6 bugs get in, the building will collapse a level, until the bugs have demolished the building.
If you miss with one of granny's pots, she'll become annoyed, and throw a rolling pin at you. You can duck by pressing down, but if it hits you, you will be stunned for a short period of time (something you dont get a lot of when it gets hectic)

This game i have lost the source to, so heres the built version of where we were up to.
Just some help since theres lots of things not finished and you may wonder how to get started. On the clipboard, to play, you click on the Text Job Description.

Move left right with keys, down = duck, shift = push
Survive 4x 4 waves to clear the building.

Have fun.

* Things that were planned and never finished, also things that were in it, but turned off:
There were multiple buildings planned, and already made, there were cheat keys that changed the graphics, but i cannot remember what they are now
There was at some point people that appearing in the window, and if a pot hit them, you got a small bonus. After playing it, i didnt notice any, so I may have them turned off.
There is a Boss in it too, but it is not turned on,, pity, cause it was interesting. It was a centipede that went up (ala centidpede), other bosses included a large spider, and there were more bugs with different "attack-patterns"

Supported operating systems
The IP rights to this trademark belong to Microsoft. Acoders uses this logo explicity without permission. If for any reason this graphics is deemed a legal matter, we will remove it immediatly after communication has instructed us to do so. Windows ( 95, 98, NT, 2k, XP )

Required .dll/.ocx
Download this dll cncs232.dll ( download )
Download this dll bass.dll ( download )

If you are featuring this piece software on your site, please do not direct link to our screenshots as this steals large amounts of our bandwidth. Please use a local copy.

skn3 - 11 / Jul / 2004 No comments
Project was abandoned!

danjo - 09 / Jul / 2004 No comments
Project was abandoned!

danjo - 09 / Jul / 2004 No comments
Added project!


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09 / Jul / 2004

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