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News New site, again ???

 New site, again ???
skn3  01 / Nov / 2004
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Shh it's a secret...

The acsite is undertaking a giant redesign. Lucky for me alot of the bits are just copy and paste! Everything is being better organised, with a great deal of thought being taken on the layout of each section.

Some of the unused memeber features have been trimmed off completely (like collections, groups and worklogs) The ones that remain, have been improved!

The site has been converted to mysql, which was easy enough, but should offer a big speed increase. The site also boasts a custom designed form handling system (written by me) which makes every form on the site have helpful javascript alerts, with just a few lines of code. This has made tweaking the original pages more tedious, but definatly alot quicker per page.

The final feature I'll mention (As you can see in 1 of the screenshots) is the forum. They has been totaly mixed around. Things are alot "cleaner". I have taken inspiration from a few of the available forums on the net, and mixed them into 1 uber forum. It will still have compo's, images, polls, downloads and more. Just with a very easy to use layout.

Anyway, that is all. I can't say how long it will take to complete, but it sure as hell wont be as long as last time. cya

Oh and 1 last thing, the site is now fully skinable YAY

  rapidflash 02 / Nov / 2004   - 04:02am
Awww.... I liked the collections feature. Oh well, this new site design looks good.

  skn3 02 / Nov / 2004   - 12:55pm
Collections are fun, but they really were not getting used alot. Plus with the new forum design, it would have spoliled the look, if there were a thousand different icons on the screen.

  shockedfrog 04 / Nov / 2004   - 05:40pm
This sounds good to me - I was never really hugely into all these extra things cluttering up the pages, so it's nice to see them cleared out, particularly the collections. Shame about the incredibly annoying advert thing still being there though - advertising has never bothered me much, but advertising stuff I've already downloaded is irritating, particularly when the ads are animated. Perhaps having an option for site members to switch it off would be handy, and would encourage people to sign up. Other than that, the new layout looks good, and the skinning sounds good - I can finally turn the site blue again like it was when I first found Acoders, back when Deli Dash was released

  skn3 04 / Nov / 2004   - 07:04pm
The advert will now be only gif/png (no flash) and is only shown on the news pages.

  phatboy 06 / Nov / 2004   - 12:26am
Wow, looking good!

Cant wait to see the final thing.

  Hazard 06 / Nov / 2004   - 03:28pm
Oh, so sweet! Makes me become an acoder too

  Hazard 06 / Nov / 2004   - 07:47pm
Makes me WANT to become an acoder too

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