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News Here are the results!

 Here are the results!
skn3  18 / Aug / 2004
The results to the acoders compo 2004 can be found below. Please note that each judge has judged the game, and provided good / bad feedback. You can read the comments, and see detailed scores for each entry, by clicking their links.

Emails have been sent out to all winners , sponsors and entrants. Go check your inbox now fool

The judges decisions are final. We have tried hard to judge completely fairly. If you feel your game has not been judged correctly, please do not create a fuss. It only disrupts things. Thanks.

First place
Stop Clock Drop by Logan Ames

Second place
Retrospect by Shanon White

Third place
A Time to Warp by Scott Nelson

And the rest
You can find all entries in the competition section. Click to go there now

Acoders would like to say a big thank-you to everyone that took part. Alot of hardwork went into the compo, and there have been some great entries. Until next year, bye bye!

  lighthawk 18 / Aug / 2004   - 02:40pm
Congratulations to the winners...

  mitch 18 / Aug / 2004   - 02:52pm
Yeh, Congrats all It was a nice compo alltogether. I hope, when you do this again next year, you keep the game classes prizes

  erbbysam 18 / Aug / 2004   - 03:02pm
congrats to all, maby next year I'll make a game that more theme based and less in the storyline

  citizen 18 / Aug / 2004   - 03:04pm
congrats to all the entrants. this contest was a little rough and no one knew what to expect. it was a success, but next years will be definatly better.

  magellanstudios 18 / Aug / 2004   - 03:08pm
wow...i got 8th...i was expecting 11th-13th
(though i like 9th's prize better then 8th's)

thanks to all the judges who took the time to play my horrible game...and comment on it. i only had 1 month(started different entry then switched..) to make this game and that's why it seemed "thrown together"...

don't worry my next game(not for compo) will be much better(I.E. better graphics, actuall reason to play the game...)

maybe after my next game i will make a sequel (I.E. go to FuFu's castle and confront him...would be much more planned out also..)

  rapidflash 18 / Aug / 2004   - 06:07pm
Yeah, congratulations.

  kavar 18 / Aug / 2004   - 07:49pm
Thanks to all the judges. I'm happy with my 10.ยบ position , but next year I wanna make a game more in theme.

  raincoatduck 19 / Aug / 2004   - 12:10am
Awesome competition guys. Phil and I were quite pleased with our standing, considering our game was created mostly in one month (and all the levels designed in the last 2 days of the competition hehe). Thanks also for all the good comments and suggestions about our entry. This was a great competition, especially for being the first run of it. I'm definately looking forward to next year's competition!

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