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News Competition winner

 Competition winner
skn3  04 / Dec / 2003
Congratulations to JD, his entry won in the christmas competition.
The collection has been added to the catalogue.
Take a look here

Aswell as that, I have tweaked the capsule machine a bit. Each capsule now only costs 250 ac's. Also the odds have been tweaked so you have higher.. and lower chances of getting certain items.

Anyway. Ho ho ho merry christmas. oh yeah, and enjoy the 25000 prize JD

  Cysteine 04 / Dec / 2003   - 10:04am
Nice addition to the capsule machine

25000ac! Oh you're good JD...that's a total of 100 capsules!!!

  citizen 04 / Dec / 2003   - 11:36am
congrats JD

  Brad 04 / Dec / 2003   - 05:18pm
i should get my entry for free. :o

  danjo 04 / Dec / 2003   - 11:08pm
well done, but i dont like goatse

  t0nad0 05 / Dec / 2003   - 01:29am
it was 25000? i thought it was 2500... man.. i would have entered D

  JayDee 05 / Dec / 2003   - 02:06am
It just goes to show that 1. goatse is unbeatable and 2. He has plenty of carrying space to hold the collection *cough*... now to run the capsule machine 100 times

  JayDee 05 / Dec / 2003   - 04:52am
also... it's kinda gross you don't have to include it in the collection if you don't want

  splatman 05 / Dec / 2003   - 12:50pm
Is the collection going to be around after christmas?

  crystalclear 05 / Dec / 2003   - 10:41pm
Good work JD!, a Goatse collection.. now thats what we need

  rapidflash 06 / Dec / 2003   - 02:51am
Yeah, good work, but I'm not a fan of goatse.

  csar 06 / Dec / 2003   - 11:04am
haha that collection icon is so neat

  shen 06 / Dec / 2003   - 12:10pm
It makes me so uncomfortable I'll never have a christmas candy red and white thing again, if that's what it is up there ><

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