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News Pacz is Released

 Pacz is Released
danjo  15 / Jul / 2004
Pacmanworlds 2 released!

Thats right, its not an attempt to grab headline glory. Pacz :pacmanworlds2, is finally released.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. :D

Click here to download the pacz demo
Click the button above to goto the pacmanworlds 2 download and information page

  sheephead 15 / Jul / 2004   - 07:27am
I expected this to be a bigger news post, lol

  danjo 15 / Jul / 2004   - 07:38am
im all puffed out

  spindrift 15 / Jul / 2004   - 02:10pm
Well this is a big improvement on the first one with all the extra's it's well worth £5 . Also this is the first time i have been 1st on a scoreboard lol. So come on people Dig Deep and knock me off the number 1 spot.

  danjo 15 / Jul / 2004   - 11:15pm
i wont submit my score just yet spin, i'll wait till you bump that up a bit more.

  DarrenMcLeod 16 / Jul / 2004   - 12:54am
Wow looks awesome Dan.... good job!

  pulsecode 16 / Jul / 2004   - 01:53am
What an improvement!
I'm so proud! hehe!

  skn3 16 / Jul / 2004   - 04:40am
Pacz is great, I am one of the lucky peeps that got to beta test (that actualy bothered ) And i had fun pestering dan to add in better screen res stuff .. MUHAHAHAHAHA ..

  sheephead 16 / Jul / 2004   - 08:37am
Ah that's a better front page thing

  adnerb 21 / Jul / 2004   - 09:09pm
PacZ: pacmanworlds 2 is the greatest, most addicting and fun ame that I have ever played!!!!
Keep em coming!!!!
You did a FANTASTIC JOB with this one.!!!

  adnerb 21 / Jul / 2004   - 09:13pm
PacZ:pacmanworlds 2 is hte greatest, most addiciting and fun game that I have ever played!!!!!
Keep em coming!!!!!
You did a FANTASTIC JOB with this one!!!!!!!!!!!!

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