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News Crack Pot Dropped!

 Crack Pot Dropped!
citizen  09 / Jul / 2004
Crack Pot was a game that Danjo and I were working on back in 2003. The game was a remake of an old Atari 2600 game called...Crack Pot! Unfortunatly the source has been lost so we decided to release the latest version we had done in a feeble attempt to get some recognition for our valiant efforts .

Check out the Abandoned section of Projects to Check out Crack Pot .

  danjo 09 / Jul / 2004   - 03:14pm
i dropped the ball - no.. pot

  crystalclear 10 / Jul / 2004   - 03:03am
Great graphics and some nice gameplay but there was some things you couldve done to tidy it up before you abandoned it, like why is "Bass.dll" included when there is no music and stuf like Bringing things to the front e.t.c if you do happen to update it please include music because without the music in it its quite a boring atmosphere.

  citizen 10 / Jul / 2004   - 01:51pm
as we said before the source was lost so adding and editing this is impossible. this just happened to be an engine test that we had done and was the last version we had.

  kris 10 / Jul / 2004   - 02:03pm
it's a shame you lost this
How did you actually end up losing it? HD Error/Format?

  danjo 11 / Jul / 2004   - 01:30am
@ crystalclear
try running the game without bass.dll. it wont work WILL IT.
there were some basic sounds (external files) that i didnt put in the save some space. this IS ABANDONED because i lost the source. so NOTHING CAN be fixed up. This is a compiled version of one of the lastest builds i had. It wasnt the latest from looking at it now, i remember the last version was a little more advanced again.
When You figure out how to uncompile an EXEC file and continue on with it, let me know, and also let Yves know too, cause they cant do it either.

kris. i got a new pc, and i was saving all the files onto CD, unfortunately a pile of stuff was missed, including this game.

  crystalclear 11 / Jul / 2004   - 05:01am
Oh sorry i missed the part of that you lost the source, anyway overall great game!

  crystalclear 11 / Jul / 2004   - 05:07am
Re-read the details,Sorry my bad, sounded like it was getting pretty good later on in the game, tis a shame that the source is lost
oh and when i figure out how to Un-compile an EXE file ill let you know

  danjo 11 / Jul / 2004   - 06:51am

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