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News Icon fun !

 Icon fun !
skn3  09 / Jun / 2004
Created a little fun application to test something in blitz+

You draw an icon in it, then upload it to an online gallery. Check it out

  danjo 09 / Jun / 2004   - 01:48pm
hmm, not bad, considering i went to submit mine, and it disapeared to the nether-region?!

  skn3 09 / Jun / 2004   - 02:14pm
Well all it is . is a simple web form, nothing that could possibly be incompatible with any normal setup. Considering the flash trouble you had, I'd imagine it is your firewall / virus scanner .. jamming it.

  JohnsProgram 09 / Jun / 2004   - 10:13pm
looks great

  JohnsProgram 10 / Jun / 2004   - 11:44pm
one suggestion: maybe you could add a grid to make drawing easier

  skn3 11 / Jun / 2004   - 12:03pm
Aye, theres probably alot I could add to make it easier. It was really just something to test an upload system which I might impliment into the acoders site sometime soon.

  Rhodesy 11 / Jun / 2004   - 12:57pm
Whats this then? I'm Kinda away..............

  skn3 11 / Jun / 2004   - 01:59pm
It is what it says it is. .. A small fun icon editor, to test an upload thing in blitz+

It uses the scriptrun command for an htmlview, to insert data into a POST form. It then submits like any normal form, to a page that verifies size limit / and client address (no external hax0ring).

I might plugin it (library) for us to use.. but it really doesn't suit that so I'll see..

  kris 11 / Jun / 2004   - 03:51pm
it needs bucket fill and line tool gawd-damnit!

  danjo 12 / Jun / 2004   - 07:45am
and layers

  shen 12 / Jun / 2004   - 08:54pm
and dropper tool

  kris 12 / Jun / 2004   - 10:54pm
and rectangle/circle-mabobs

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