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News ZeroSynapse joins ACoders!

 ZeroSynapse joins ACoders!
SToPGAP  29 / Apr / 2004
Everyone please welcome Mark aka. ZeroSynapse, the newest team member of Apocalyptic Coders.

Mark has worked extensively and for many years in the computer game industry providing graphics for games such as James Pond, Mickey Mania, Dexters Lab, Mortal Kombat Advance and many others, across a range of platforms from GBA and Sega Genesis to PC, and should make an excellent addition to our group.

Welcome to the team!

  Blake 29 / Apr / 2004   - 11:34pm
Very cool addition to the group, quite a background.

  skn3 29 / Apr / 2004   - 11:40pm
WELCOME! enjoy your stay at hotel acoders

  citizen 29 / Apr / 2004   - 11:41pm
ahh....citizen sits back and bows to the master. nice to have you aboard zero

  t0nad0 29 / Apr / 2004   - 11:43pm
Yay congrats, hope you like AC

  Rhodesy 29 / Apr / 2004   - 11:44pm
Woooo Acoders ROCK..........., that was in the style of a drunk college student at a party..

  rpgsmo 29 / Apr / 2004   - 11:47pm
I guess I will see you a lot then

  mitch 30 / Apr / 2004   - 01:08am
Wow.. Might I ask what language(s) you code in???

  rpgsmo 30 / Apr / 2004   - 01:37am
He makes graphics.

  danjo 30 / Apr / 2004   - 01:49am
great to have you here zero.

  Jimbob 30 / Apr / 2004   - 08:36am
Yay! Now they can't pick on me for being the newest member of the group. Woo!

  Rhodesy 30 / Apr / 2004   - 02:36pm
Yes, we can still pick on Jim for having that strange smell that follows him around.,..

  TwiTerror 30 / Apr / 2004   - 04:00pm
I'm excited to be working with you

  JohnsProgram 30 / Apr / 2004   - 07:04pm
Hey ZeroSynapse.
Welcome to Acoders!

  rpgsmo 30 / Apr / 2004   - 08:50pm
We can still make fun of jimbob, atleast I can cause that's one of my friend's names.

  DarrenMcLeod 01 / May / 2004   - 03:11am
Welcome to the team ZeroSynapse!

  Wargod 01 / May / 2004   - 04:30pm
Welcome to the team. I hope you enjoy your stay here . Good things will come from this, i know it.

  rapidflash 01 / May / 2004   - 10:11pm
Good luck at ACoders. I remember James Pond for Genesis... what a game.

  circy 02 / May / 2004   - 12:30am
Holy Jesus Christmas... how the hell did you guys manage to aquire this guy?? James Ponds graphics were amazing (and its still my most favourite game of all time)

Good God almighty (sorry about these religious references... they replace the potential expletives I had in mind), you lucky, LUCKY dudes!!


  JayDee 02 / May / 2004   - 01:26am
isn't MK Advance the worst game ever made?

  rapidflash 02 / May / 2004   - 05:06am
Possibly, but then again, I don't see how he'd need to draw graphics for a port.

  JayDee 02 / May / 2004   - 06:37am
well i don't think you can just transfer art so maybe he reproduced it pixel by pixel? or maybe the title screen/menus

  Chace 02 / May / 2004   - 06:39am
Well done Acoders, for whatever amount of money you paid him, and good luck to your [glow red]AC[/glow red] days Mark

  Chace 02 / May / 2004   - 06:41am
Oops... mistake learnt from

  jannis 02 / May / 2004   - 01:24pm
Oh my fucking god... you're kidding, right? How the hell did you get this guy?

  TwiTerror 02 / May / 2004   - 09:16pm
Wait, we both have a mark now

  Hazard 03 / May / 2004   - 09:07pm
Dang, why all cool people join together and such casual people like me have noone to work with?

  ruffles 04 / May / 2004   - 12:07am
wow what the fuck great addition
rofl both have a mark

  zerosynapse 04 / May / 2004   - 07:23am
Thx guys for all the top comments. I'm certainly looking forward to doing some Acoders work too, and I'm sure I'll enjoy my stay

  pulsecode 04 / May / 2004   - 08:53am
The man has finally spoken! I await to see what you do at AC chief, may it me splendid and joyous

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