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News Quick collections update

 Quick collections update
skn3  28 / Nov / 2003
RhysD has created a nice iso collection, go check it out in the catalogue

I have also updated the catalogue, so it can accomidate more collections, and i'll do the same to the my items/profile shortly. I also fixed a massive bug in the trading system, that meant people would loose items in certain cases. The bug would also mean, that if you completed a set, you would in fact not get the collection case.

Thats all fixed now, so things are A o k.

The site collections have seemed to go down well, and we have had a busy 2 days open. I hope you are all enjoying the site, and well im pleased to say that it feels like it was all worth it

So, cya ..

  danjo 28 / Nov / 2003   - 12:37pm
Just when you thought it was OK, i came along and broke saomething

  skn3 28 / Nov / 2003   - 12:37pm
shhh no oen will ever know

  rhysd 28 / Nov / 2003   - 01:19pm
thanks for adding my stuff skn

  shen 28 / Nov / 2003   - 09:39pm
Nice Although it's a bit small. Make some more stuff plz thx

(Or don't, depends what mood you're in)

  danjo 28 / Nov / 2003   - 09:56pm
it has to be small, theres a 31x31 pixel limit. how rhysd got those pics down to that scale (and still look like what is intended) is amazing

  t0nad0 28 / Nov / 2003   - 10:00pm
i think he ment the collection size. And no, its not too small, considering everything's decently expensive

  danjo 28 / Nov / 2003   - 10:16pm
exactly , an elite set it is.

  shen 28 / Nov / 2003   - 10:18pm
I did mean the collection size... It is sorta small compared to the other ones, but the quality is high for such small images So I have nothing against that.

  JayDee 28 / Nov / 2003   - 11:43pm
5 aint bad considering the hefty price for a capsule... everything looks so good and he made a catapault for me <3

That cave-in collection is kinda impossible i mean around 30 items and a nice 50,000 diamond at the end? wow

  Cysteine 29 / Nov / 2003   - 02:25am
Great job skn and rhysd!

  TwiTerror 29 / Nov / 2003   - 03:27am
I have the diamond.

  DBack 29 / Nov / 2003   - 03:36am
It's a nice thanksgiving gift :o

  JayDee 29 / Nov / 2003   - 07:08am
hmmmm, *puts gun to twi's back.

hand it over punk

  rhysd 29 / Nov / 2003   - 10:06am
I have the castle

  t0nad0 29 / Nov / 2003   - 04:36pm
i have the castle and the diamond (although, diamond was from a capsule, thats the best way to get it)

  shen 29 / Nov / 2003   - 08:05pm
I have the castle and am not not getting any more capsules because of my usual good luck spree

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