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News Mosaic Mingle is Ready!

 Mosaic Mingle is Ready!
JohnsProgram  13 / Oct / 2013

I'm very happy to report that the latest game, "Mosaic Mingle," is finished and playable online!

Since this game is a Flash game, the game is hosted at Kongregate.

-- Click here to try the game out --

In addition, I've added this game in our list of software so I can post news to any future version updates of Mosaic Mingle. Click here to go to this game"s software page.

  Jimbob 14 / Oct / 2013   - 09:52pm
Congrats on the release!

  danjo 17 / Oct / 2013   - 12:01am
well done

  JohnsProgram 18 / Oct / 2013   - 08:34am
Thanks jim and danny. Nice to hear both of ya again

  Jimbob 18 / Oct / 2013   - 08:42pm
I wrote another comment, then my laptop overheated...

You're damn stingy with unlocking new levels! I felt a bit cheated having to play levels in both modes to unlock the next row...

  JohnsProgram 21 / Oct / 2013   - 03:16am
Unexpected that, huh? That's understandable.
The original plan was to develop a way for players to play puzzles in both normal and challenge rounds in order to unlock puzzles. Why did I do that? It is to give both rounds a try without having players to stick with just one round. It adds a bit of variation. Although, I can sort of understand the annoyance for re-playing a cleared puzzle in challenge rounds a few times, especially when there's no sign of progression. (I've uploaded v1.0.1k to address that issue.)

Currently, for example, you need 16 stars or over to have a total of 10 puzzles unlocked. So, the threshold is every 16 stars to unlock 5 more puzzles. If I get more reactions, I'm more than willing to reduce the threshold from 16 to 12 or 10 or even lower. I wanna make sure that I don't have to change the threshold more than once, so it's gonna be a while.

  Jimbob 21 / Oct / 2013   - 07:13pm
Then maybe have something that says "Collect x more stars to unlock the next set!" or something...

  JohnsProgram 22 / Oct / 2013   - 01:40am
That is why I've updated the game at Kongregate

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