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News I'm still alive!

 I'm still alive!
ChrisS  14 / Jul / 2010
I know I haven't posted much during my tenure at Acoders but rest assured I am doing things In the past I've been criticised for hyping up my work but not delivering, especially in regards to games such as Mr Stump's Dentures 2, which is still in the works, and Zone Runner 3.

However, that said, the Click Convention is looming like the apocalypse. Well... maybe not quite that dramatic, but because of this, the hype train is necessary to get there quickly!

Henceforth a preview of Zone Runner 3, plus FOUR (count 'em!) new screenshots. No new footage yet, however, some will hopefully be released prior to the convention, which will also showcase, as well as ZR3, MSD2, Sam The Slug: Mobile Edition, Christmas Island, and a mini-presentation by Rikus. That's right!!! Rikus Kras is going to the convention! Well... not exactly, but he will appear in video, probably. Lots of things to cover in a 20-minute slot... will there be time?

Click here to view ZONE RUNNER 3

  skn3 14 / Jul / 2010   - 06:08pm
cool Stuff! looking forward to seeing it in person

  JohnsProgram 15 / Jul / 2010   - 03:23am
awesome stuff

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