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 New Website Suggestions
Rhodesy  18 / Jan / 2010

Hello people,

Weve been discussing the website here at and we feel it could be time for a change.

This version of the website is an old man now in website terms, it could be time for a rebirth.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have any suggestions for features we could add? Ones we could remove?

Its a blank canvas, go wild!

  danjo 18 / Jan / 2010   - 10:38pm
im not seeing whats wrong with it. still seems to be fine. one thing i like from gamebuilder is the site chat system. any users logged in can chat without having to use an external client.

  Jimbob 18 / Jan / 2010   - 11:51pm
I think it's too loaded with features that don't get used, meaning there's a lot of stagnation in content, especially the forum and all its items and things. It was great in its heyday, but now its just flab. It'd be nice to have more of our top content available on the front page (although a random selection is also good). Chat'd be useful as well definitely...

  Rhodesy 19 / Jan / 2010   - 09:43am
What would Chat be used for? (without stating the obvious), would it just be a chat room on the site? would anyone / many people use it ?

  danjo 19 / Jan / 2010   - 09:14pm
its handy - if you're registered at gamebuilder - you'd see how it works
very convenient if you need to ask a question or whatever, and you dont have to load up any sort of chat client.
i will screenshot it, and post it in admin

  Rhodesy 20 / Jan / 2010   - 09:32am
Is registration free there?

  danjo 20 / Jan / 2010   - 09:55am

  skn3 20 / Jan / 2010   - 06:44pm
I think it would be good to turn acoders into a blog (but perhaps ith a bit extra). It would be a shame to get rid of the project admin though. It could probably all be recreated fairly easy in drupal (google it).. Just it would have to be done over time. We would have to concentrate on the fact that we are a game dev as opposed to a community site.. So the focus would be on our content as opposed to all the other stuff that is *bloating* currently. Needs some serious thought...

What are the most used features?

  skn3 20 / Jan / 2010   - 06:46pm
What a joy it would be to make something that redirects all old links to a new website....

  Jimbob 20 / Jan / 2010   - 07:05pm
Hehe yeah, that's the main drag of a new website.
I reckon a blog would be better, but with a main announcements/news front page part, and then a development diary side where stuff like Dan's 20 line code stuff and WIP artwork could be showed off a bit more. It gets lost in the forums...and JP's Joe Snow updates, I can never remember if the ones in the sidebar are new or not.

  t0nad0 24 / Jan / 2010   - 11:19pm
Forums are my only thing I'd still like to see, most of the people who visit/participate still are acoders and losing the forum means losing that connection.Affiliates, services, extra, competition, oekaki, item collections can all go. I'd also like it if we could get some more comprehensive stats on pageviews/downloads to help track game progress/site interest.

  kris 10 / Jun / 2010   - 10:51pm
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