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News New game available

 New game available
JohnsProgram  24 / Jan / 2004
I had finished making the game "crystal" and it's now finished and available to download. (click the image to go to the download page)
Oh, and yes, I'll continue working on Lil wizard...

  skn3 24 / Jan / 2004   - 11:54pm
Well done

  citizen 25 / Jan / 2004   - 12:32am
great game JP! now resurrect soccer dude you fool.

forget about the editor if need be...that game rocks!

  skn3 25 / Jan / 2004   - 12:52am
Lil wiz rocks harder

  danjo 25 / Jan / 2004   - 02:44am
several complaints: installer for 1, why not zipped? why try to hide crystaljp.dll in cwin, when its just an ini? having to redirect music files if you dont install in right file? wtf. and what change was made from the beta version (which worked fine) and now does not.

  pulsecode 25 / Jan / 2004   - 08:23am
Agreed. Non relative music paths, bugs galore... Oh well.

  danjo 25 / Jan / 2004   - 09:32am
its still quite a good game tho - much better than we normally see floating around

  pulsecode 25 / Jan / 2004   - 11:05am
Seriously missing the usual AC sheen tho if you ask me! Which you didn'!!

  kris 25 / Jan / 2004   - 03:40pm
I can't get past the introduction screen to Ruby plains, nothing happens.

  spindrift 25 / Jan / 2004   - 08:39pm
This game reminds me of bomb jack without the flying. I do think some of the game could have been tweaked here and there tho and i few bits added in to polish it off. Music wise it sounded good but to me did not fit this type of game. Even tho with some of these flaws i did like playing the game and also did my girlfriend and her 5yr old boy. So it is playable to all age groups.

  DarrenMcLeod 26 / Jan / 2004   - 12:05am
Good job, JP!

  csar 26 / Jan / 2004   - 08:36am
I think they game was quite good though there are some bugs. The gameplay is really entertaining. But as danjo said it could be without the installer and the music setting thing but other than that, good job JP!

  danjo 26 / Jan / 2004   - 09:15am
The version at DC doesnt have an installer. AND works (whereas the installer version did not) - i suggest non installer versions

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