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 HOLY MACKEREL! An UPDATE! And a big one!
ChrisS  06 / Jun / 2009
I'm terrible, I really am! I've lost motivation for a while but have now picked up speed. I am working on three projects at the moment - two of which should be out soon. They are:

This is a little game I've been working on for a couple of months or so, using the Java Mobile Runtime with the latest beta build of MMF2. It has a screen resolution of 240x320.

The game is a cross between Pacman and Snake and the original version was released for the PC back in 2003. It was totally rubbish but I felt the time had come to work on a mobile game and wanted to do something different to a platformer. I feel that Sam The Slug is perfectly suited to mobile phone technology.

The objective in each stage is to collect the carrots and avoid the slug pellets. Thats more or less it, but when Sam moves he leaves behind a trail of slime which he cannot cross over. In addition to this, a countdown starts as soon as a level begins. If there is any time left, that number is added to the players score. If the countdown reaches zero, no score is added.

The game will hopefully be out in a couple of months or so, on the basis that Clickteam can refine the runtime a bit. At the moment the game is glitchy and there's nothing I can do about it. A project page will be added soon.

Mr Stump"s Dentures 2
Probably the klik equivalent of Duke Nukem Forever, but I'm still working on it on and off. This won't be done for a while

I've changed some graphics around and replaced the engine. The levels will probably be ported over from the last game. I set up a Facebook dev-log / fan page for the game back in April. Newest screenshots can be found there - just type in "Mr Stump" in Facebooks search box.

Zone Runner 3
Back in August I posted a single, solitary screenshot of a game with the caption "Hmm..." If you guessed correctly (and you probably did) then you'll have figured out that this game is in fact Zone Runner 3. Since the last game came out SIX years ago I decided that I might risk all and sundry by tarnishing the Zone Runner name - by milking the gameplay idea into a third game. This game should be out soon - and I've uploaded a teaser trailer to YouTube showing the first three levels in Zone One. Please tell me what you think.

  skn3 11 / Jun / 2009   - 04:17pm
Looking cool chris
I like how you can see the previous level in the background!
Maybe you could do some kind of frame transition to show the NEW level zooming in.

  skn3 11 / Jun / 2009   - 04:20pm
Oh but looking back again at the video. Surely the previous level shouldn't display the coins/items, as you have already collected them ?

  skn3 11 / Jun / 2009   - 04:27pm
What if you made it so you have to collect the items in order. There was an old arcade game (can't remember name), in it you would collect the items in any order to complete a level. As an extra gameplay element It would hilight one item with a glow. When you collect that one item, the next one is hilighted (randomly out of all items) you would get multiplier score for collecting items in a row.

  skn3 11 / Jun / 2009   - 04:35pm

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