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News Diet and Healthy Eatery!

 Diet and Healthy Eatery!
Rhodesy  17 / Apr / 2008

Hey Guys

Just wondering really, As me and Jon spend all day in an office together we are bound to see each other eat from time to time...

Jonathan seems to take a more healthy approach to food, whereas I"m more of a "I"m hungry.. I"ll eat a cake" sort of person...

So.... do you watch your diet? exercise? care about your body? work out?

  citizen 17 / Apr / 2008   - 10:48pm
Well, I have been dieting and exercising (mostly walking daily) since October. We had a "The Biggest Loser" Contest at work and it ran from October till December 21st. I ended up winning a couple hundred dollars, losing 50lbs. I'm still at it and have lost 96lbs and am going to continue.

  danjo 17 / Apr / 2008   - 11:24pm
well done matey. i eat lotso-garbage. but im fairly active so i burn it off. i "should" eat better tho.

  SToPGAP 18 / Apr / 2008   - 12:06am
Wow! Well done Jason, that's a phenomenal amount of weight!!! You must be feeling pretty good after all that!

In answer to your question Ste, I'm both.... I flit from being obsessively healthy one week to moderately unhealthy the next... unfortunately being a desk-bound type I don't do anywhere near enough exercise to burn it off. That said, with Jason setting such a good example I'm going to have to bite the bullet once and for all and get properly healthy once again!

  JohnsProgram 18 / Apr / 2008   - 05:04am
Actually, I have been strictly having 3 meals a day, no snacking, and try to take in less calories. I have been doing it since the beginning of 2008.

I have been doing some exercises to tone my belly, but since I'm now working, I don't have much time nor energy.

  skn3 18 / Apr / 2008   - 07:51pm
Lol, as stephen mentioned I tend to eat very healthily during the day at work, then enjoy a decent meal at home in the evening. I like to cook, so this helps balance things out. I plan to start cycling again very soon, as in this next week!

Stephen eats liek a pig! and tries to force feed me cakes. lol

Well done Jason! thats damn good going!.. like 6-7 stone.. BLIMEY!

  chrisoch 19 / Apr / 2008   - 01:55am
Yeah, Jason, that is great! You had told me about this when we talked, and it sounds like the contest at work motivated you, and keeps you motivated afterward .

I try to walk 3 miles a day, and started working out with free weights for about a half hour every morning for the past three weeks.

  t0nad0 19 / Apr / 2008   - 04:42am
I actually don't do much, but at college it's a 10 minute walk to most of my classes + dining hall, so I end up walking an hour and a half on weekdays haha.

I don't try and eat healthy, but I don't eat much usually so I think it works out. I actually gained 4 pounds over the last two weeks which kind of ticks me off, I don't know if I'll have the motivation to go cycling though to burn it off. I'll let nature do it for me ^^

  IanPL 19 / Apr / 2008   - 10:10am
Congrats, citzen, I suppose you now feel like flying without those 96 lbs.
What's your BMI folks? I've never considered changing my diet to lose some weight, just because I never had problems with overweight etc. I spend almost half of my day sitting by my computer, other half at my classes. But even while eating junk food in terrifying amounts my BMI never goes over 25, http/ tells 21 at the moment.
I figured out theese things help my health a lot:
1. Eating some fruits between the meals - apples, grapes or raisins are better snack than pack of chips.
2. Using bicycle as my transportation device (whenever possible) - I cycle about 15 kilometers daily Mon-Sat.
3. Playing football (soccer) couple of hours every week - it's fun, relaxes my mind after intellectual work.
4. Drink half liter of sweetened tea with lemon after major exertions - good fuel for body, and obviously cheaper than most of common "energy drinks".

Oh, since sport was mentioned, who do you think will win Champions League this year?

  t0nad0 20 / Apr / 2008   - 04:10am
23.7! I went up .5 in the last two weeks, I need to work that weight off ):

  Rhodesy 01 / May / 2008   - 09:26am
My BMI is 22.5.... puts my smack bang in the middle of the ideal area, I don't tend to watch what I eat... Last weekend I had about 6 donuts in a day... bit over the top I think..

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