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 New recruit
skn3  26 / Mar / 2008
Hello peeps, acoders admin at your service. We have another member who is crazy enough to enter our stable muhahahahaha Please welcome Zixiao.

He has some impressive game artwork (as you can see above) and his games and projects are very promising!!!

Always feels strange introducing someone on here, perhaps we can start a new tradition of letting the new member do the big introduction... whaddya think.

Now without further ado, let clapping hands commence.

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  chrisoch 26 / Mar / 2008   - 04:04pm
Very nice! Love the animations .

Welcome Zixiao!

  SToPGAP 26 / Mar / 2008   - 04:53pm

  citizen 26 / Mar / 2008   - 08:15pm
Welcome...Zixiao. Do you have a nickname? I'll never get that name right all the time?

  skn3 26 / Mar / 2008   - 08:19pm
welcome!!!!, yes i had difficulty getting the ia the correct way around!

  danjo 26 / Mar / 2008   - 09:27pm
you could use jerry (unless he wants otherwise)

  danjo 27 / Mar / 2008   - 01:40am
btw the clapping hands are rather annoying jon. do you have a whole clipart folder full of them or something?

  skn3 27 / Mar / 2008   - 11:57am
HAHAHAHAHA i'll have you know I created 1000 hand clapping animations for a clipart cd. LOL I thought it could be a running theme, considering we are expanding so much. lol

  zixiao 28 / Mar / 2008   - 08:17pm
I don't actually have a nickname . One name is hard enough for me to remember.

  t0nad0 28 / Mar / 2008   - 08:18pm
Clap your hands say yeah!

Welcome to the team Zixiao/Jerry

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