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News Merry Christmas!

 Merry Christmas!
SToPGAP  15 / Dec / 2007
Ho Ho Ho! and a Merry Christmas from all of us here at Apocalyptic Coders.

  skn3 15 / Dec / 2007   - 06:10pm
very nice merry christmas

  JohnsProgram 15 / Dec / 2007   - 11:24pm
Happy/Merry Christmas, folks! Have a safe and wonderful day!
Very nice site layout I may add!

  citizen 16 / Dec / 2007   - 12:53am
looking nice...but we're supposed to get tons of snow the next two days. anywhere from 12 to 24 inches!

Merry Christmas all!

  danjo 16 / Dec / 2007   - 07:06am
nice and im more looking forward to some time off work

  chrisoch 17 / Dec / 2007   - 07:27pm
Merry Christmas everyone, and yes I am digging out from that snowfall Cit .

  t0nad0 17 / Dec / 2007   - 09:21pm
My car got buried, I had to have 3 people help dig me out, was almost embarrassing ._.;

Merry christmas everyone though! I hope you're all enjoying the holidays

  danjo 19 / Dec / 2007   - 05:55am
whats snow?

  skn3 24 / Dec / 2007   - 11:57am
its funny white stuff that if you eat you turn into a magic pixie and go round spready christmas joy. Wait i mean "whats snow?" (england)

  JohnsProgram 25 / Dec / 2007   - 07:28am
I was gonna say is the white stuff that you can pee on it,

  JohnsProgram 25 / Dec / 2007   - 07:38am
Btw, I added a cookie to the news post. I dunno why, I was having cravings for them. Have a cookie, it's on the news post!

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