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News I am now an Och-oder!

 I am now an Och-oder!
chrisoch  01 / Mar / 2007
I would like to make a brief announcement, and let everyone know that I am now an official member of Acoders . Their fantastic selection of games speak for themselves, having been in many magazines and various publications. I would like to thank the whole team for allowing me to be a part of it!

As most of you know, Natomic has been down for quite some time and doesn't seem to be returning. I have nothing but positive things to say about everyone there, and I will contnue to be in contact with them.

There are many things to look forward to. I will be working on Cave-In, a title that was started here at Acoders, but later shelved. I have liked the idea and cartoony style from the moment it was first announced several years ago. I will keep everyone posted on how it progresses . I have also been working on a project of my own for a little while, which I will announce when the time is right (and I can show a decent enough screenshot!). Here is a hint:

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  skn3 01 / Mar / 2007   - 03:44pm
Welcome Chrish!!!

Lets hope that Natomic do come back!!! Or at least all jump ship to acoders hehe. It is good to have you on board!

  JohnsProgram 01 / Mar / 2007   - 07:25pm
Welcome Chris!
I remembered you from your games, Air Pop, Corn Crusader, and Super Stun'N'Run.
Enjoy your stay!

  chrisoch 01 / Mar / 2007   - 09:07pm
Thank you guys! From what I hear, I just have to stay away from that Citizen guy .

  t0nad0 02 / Mar / 2007   - 12:52am
Welcome to the group I think you've got an equally good reputation behind you, and I know we're glad to have you part of the team

  Brad 11 / Mar / 2007   - 04:41pm
Hey Chris, I'm really glad you're still making games. I'm sorry we kind of left everyone in the dark over at Natomic.

(Check your inbox, I gave you a Hill Billy )

  Jimbob 05 / Apr / 2007   - 02:50pm

  Cysteine 05 / Apr / 2007   - 02:53pm
testing 1 2 3

  skn3 05 / Apr / 2007   - 02:57pm

  danjo 09 / Apr / 2007   - 06:51am

  citizen 09 / Apr / 2007   - 04:18pm
what's with all the testing?

  chrisoch 09 / Apr / 2007   - 07:27pm
Yeah! All that's left is testes...

  skn3 10 / Apr / 2007   - 08:57am
the tracking thing i installed on the site had a major bug that gave random access to random acoders accounts. Everytiem you logged in you took over a different account. LOL. So one point I was banned. 1 point I was jimbob, 1 point i was Cysteine. And so on.

It is fixed now!

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