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News Crystal Items Are Now Collecta...

 Crystal Items Are Now Collectable
JohnsProgram  13 / Oct / 2006
Wait... do we even HAVE collections?? That's odd...
Oh well, since we have them, it's time for me to introduce the new addition to the catalog. Now you can trade in your AC points to buy items from the game "Crystal!"
If you have tons of AC points left, you may as well start spending! But don't overspend because most items aren't cheap. Make sure you read the price tag before you click on the item!

Have fun!

Look for this Icon on the AC collections.

Click here to goto the catalogue and start purchasing items today!

  JohnsProgram 13 / Oct / 2006   - 05:34am
Heheheh, I got 9 AC points left.

  skn3 13 / Oct / 2006   - 01:11pm
Woot.. had enough to complete the set.

Lol that just used up about a years worth of ac's!!!

  danjo 13 / Oct / 2006   - 02:57pm
it doesnt tell you how much stuff costs in the catalogue. i thought it did at one stage.

  JohnsProgram 13 / Oct / 2006   - 10:09pm
If you put your mouse cursor over the item, there should be an ALT text showing the cost and quantity.

I can tell you that the catalog pages are completely confusing.
When starting a new catalog, i have to put all 19 items in one shot. I cannot add an item individually, which made it feel very risky to finish.

  skn3 14 / Oct / 2006   - 12:03am
firefox doesnt show alt tags.. its lame. I'll fix it soon.

There was a reason for the collection thing all on one page.. but i cant remember

  t0nad0 14 / Oct / 2006   - 01:10am
Yeah I just bought them all. Silly acoders crew is gonna be the only ones sporting them.

Speaking of which, I've almost got everything D:! Looking to trade for any of the single items besides the two presents and ice cream I already have

  JohnsProgram 14 / Oct / 2006   - 01:18am
I hade re-made the collection 3 times. One time when I was completed but i forgot to set the limits. It's just sad that I can't edit the limit.

  t0nad0 14 / Oct / 2006   - 01:26am
Oh and john, you need to make a smiey for D:

I suggest: http/ but make it less shitty. THanks!

  kris 24 / Dec / 2006   - 03:14pm
Why thank you Mr. Program

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