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News Abandoned Crackpot - CODE FOUN...

 Abandoned Crackpot - CODE FOUND
danjo  10 / Oct / 2006
while i was going through some old disks, i found the lost code for crackpot.
i have backed it up and will look at finishing it one day.

  JohnsProgram 10 / Oct / 2006   - 03:34pm

I forgot how "crackpot" was lost in the first place.

  skn3 11 / Oct / 2006   - 04:09pm
Lol most amazing news post ever

You should post some artwork dan.. lol. Just so our guests know what your talking about.

  danjo 12 / Oct / 2006   - 02:03pm
i found heaps of good stuff. its amazing how many projects you start and stuff away and then forget about. i got a kick out of playing my xodd game again

  citizen 12 / Oct / 2006   - 08:07pm
what sort of stuff did you find...I'd love to see it

  danjo 13 / Oct / 2006   - 04:15am
lots of stuff thats embarassing but funny to look at.
found battle qbert - and source - but i cant open it cause of scratched disk
xodd many versions
horror movie - which was fun to make, might redo it one day
obviously crackpot original sources
online pacman
some other acoders non-released stuff
found wtfd client
that verticle shooter one
all the artwork for the acoders logos... looking back on it, i saw one that i like better than what was decided on.

  JohnsProgram 16 / Oct / 2006   - 01:13am
you still got soccerdude ?!?

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