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News Stephen's Great Adventure ...

 Stephen's Great Adventure Update
Rhodesy  24 / Aug / 2006
Hello people,

I think this is like the 3rd news post in the history of this site...... So here I am adding to my small amount...

For those of you who dont know... I've been travelling in New Zealand for the past 3 months now, and i've just moved onto a small place called Greymouth.. It's small with little to see, so i'm going to go see the little things then move on.

I'm staying in a lovely lovely hostel called Global Villiage.. (see here) with my darling girlfriend Rachel, and after only one night here we are moving on north to a larger place called Nelson, to look for work and stuff to take up our time.

ALSO....... I've been using up my spare time to create a game, one i've said i'd be doing for a while now..... and now its well under way.. not saying what it is though!!

So hello to all my friends, and hello to all who are not yet my friend.

Take care all.


  skn3 24 / Aug / 2006   - 03:30am
woohoo. lo ste.. lol. So post some pics and also use the admin forum *nudge nudge*

  danjo 24 / Aug / 2006   - 03:47am
whats with AC's and new zealand? isnt Jimbob there too?

  Jimbob 24 / Aug / 2006   - 04:10am
Yes I am. I haven't bumped in to Ste yet...although I think we'll meet sometime in the near future.
Good to hear from ye...

  t0nad0 24 / Aug / 2006   - 05:55am
I wanna go ):

Glad to see you're doing good though

  SToPGAP 24 / Aug / 2006   - 10:23am
Hello Sir! That place looks pretty cool, glad you're still doing ok. Sorry I haven't chatted for a while, I've not been online a whole lot for the last few weeks - I'll catch you soon. Take care, Si.

  TwiTerror 25 / Aug / 2006   - 10:52pm

  beoch 25 / Oct / 2006   - 04:49pm
how do i make games of my own on my computer???

  beoch 25 / Oct / 2006   - 04:50pm
are any of you even on??????????

  beoch 25 / Oct / 2006   - 04:51pm
oops i ment to put this icon

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