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News WTFD! Ahoy...

 WTFD! Ahoy...
SToPGAP  09 / Aug / 2006
Progress is good on WTFD! Things are very much still in the middle of work and beta testing is still a way off but the signs are there. I have made many improvements and alterations to the game, not least of all the look...

This is a screen-shot of the main game screen (click on it to enlarge it to full size). At this stage I am still busy working on the skin and the GUI with skn3 and so some features in this screen-shot will vanish or be replaced in time.

As you will notice from this image WTFD! is making full use of the fantastic new alpha-transparency features of MMF2 to present a much more fluid and plush look. What you are seeing here is rendered largely from a skin file which was not previously possible due to the lack of alpha in MMF1.5 and below.

So far, the developments and features of WTFD! are:

Click to open image in new window *New* Board Editor - this allows you to create your own board designs and customise your gameplay to a whole new degree. This tool will be released along with the game.

Click to open image in new window *New* New board bonus/feature tile types, including dead spaces and more letter/word multipliers. I am looking at including some other "special feature" tiles to allow for strategy play and board design.

Click to open image in new window *New* Skin editor. This allows skin files to be designed and packaged into a single file. This tool will probably not be released to the public.

Click to open image in new window *New* Skins! WTFD! now supports advanced skins which are packed into single distributable files. At presesnt the game screen, board, information panels, an animated (or static) WTFD! logo, letter tiles and board tiles (2 x Word score etc.) can all be altered from a skin file at runtime. I hope to make the the player icons and tile bin skinnable as well, but this may not be possible as yet.

Click to open image in new window *New* Online game channels. QuakeNet have kindly agreed to allow me to use their network to host a full online game initiation system for WTFD!. Players will be able to join a room and either host or join a game from there. This is all done from within the game so there is no need to log in to a web page each time.

Click to open image in new window *New* Language Packs - every textual element of WTFD! is now taken from a language definition file at runtime. This will allow the program to be rapidly converted into different languages with relative ease and also change various menu default settings at runtime.

Click to open image in new window *New* Online dictionary access is being built into WTFD! unlike the previous game which relied on locally stored dictionary files.

Click to open image in new window *New* Highly customisable game settings - everything from the way the game gives players tiles and the quantity and score of each tile can be adjusted before hosting a game. Game and turn timers can be set up to keep players on their toes as well as far too many other features to go into here

Click to open image in new window *New* Guests - unlike with the original WTFD! design, this one supports guests/watchers to your game who can observe gameplay and chat to the other players/guests.

I am working on a whole load more features and design ideas which I'll save for another post later on. Progress is very good but I am not going to set myself any dates just yet... we all know where that can lead. I will keep everyone updated with more screen shots as the skin/game design progresses.

In the mean time I want to say a big big thankyou to Jonathan (skn3) who has designed an absolutely fantasic skin and in-game graphics for me. He really has helped take WTFD! to this new level... I look forward to beating him in a game or two once it is done...

  citizen 09 / Aug / 2006   - 03:23am
WOW! Looks amazing!

  t0nad0 09 / Aug / 2006   - 03:37am
Simon's my hero.

  Jimbob 09 / Aug / 2006   - 04:00am
very very awesome... i wanna play!

  JohnsProgram 09 / Aug / 2006   - 08:43pm
Cool? Is "Acoders" a word?

  danjo 10 / Aug / 2006   - 01:17am
so with skins, we can DL a skin, and use our own pref skin theme?
hope there's abilities for players who may kick guests that may spam the chat. - ie players are admins.

  kris 10 / Aug / 2006   - 12:58pm
looking fantastic as expected

  SToPGAP 10 / Aug / 2006   - 03:03pm
Yes indeedy... you can play in whatever skin you choose, right down to the tiles on the board. ACoders of course could even make their own skins! I hope to have a few more skins ready later on for the initial launch. The same goes for the language packs... they can be chosen at runtime from whatever is available to download.

Players cannot kick anyone from the game but the host of the game can... in addition there are options: "no guests", "guests can join until the game starts" or "guests can always join" which can be set before the game is hosted. I have also designed in protection against any automated bots or anything like that from connecting to the channels, especially in the IRC side of things where all communications are now blowfish encrypted.

  danjo 11 / Aug / 2006   - 04:19am
cool- i'll have to make a "non-pastel" set then

  SToPGAP 11 / Aug / 2006   - 09:00pm
lol.... you really don't like pastels do you Dan!? Did your parents throw art materials at you as a child... you seem to have some deep mental scarring there

  skn3 12 / Aug / 2006   - 04:35pm
Mmmmmmmmm pastels

  TwiTerror 14 / Aug / 2006   - 05:34am
omg are we alive!?

  skn3 14 / Aug / 2006   - 10:31am
omg josh u live!! Btw guess what i got josh me old mucka...!!!
A cobalt flux..... (best home ddr system available) LOL.. so you could say im a ddr addict like you are (were last time i spoke to ya).. lol

  t0nad0 15 / Aug / 2006   - 08:58pm
I stopped playing myself, mostly cause the arcade stopped having it. Cobalt flux's are awesome pads though

On the topic, I found the old WTFD look:


  danjo 16 / Aug / 2006   - 03:48am
i still have the old one archived

  SToPGAP 16 / Aug / 2006   - 12:49pm
Ich! My eyes are meeeelllltiiiiing! That's pretty nasty really side by side! That was the old old old one though, the actual one you got to play had 30% less eye-melting!

http/ they probably should get some new screenies on there!

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