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News An END had to come...

 An END had to come...
danjo  01 / Jul / 2006
Ladybug (probably) will be my last MMF1.5 game.

But never fear, I am going to buy MMF2

  skn3 01 / Jul / 2006   - 10:26pm
hahaha clever. you need to add some linkage to backup oyur argument

  JohnsProgram 01 / Jul / 2006   - 11:58pm
it's a good time to make the switch to MMF2
Sadly, I got no money nor a credit card

  citizen 02 / Jul / 2006   - 01:16am
steal a copy

  danjo 02 / Jul / 2006   - 10:53am
ive already bought mine. came out to $160 US for the dev version

  IanPL 02 / Jul / 2006   - 10:47pm
u shall be the 7ru3 1337 and start coding in C/C++/C#.
Good luck with MMF 2 anyway. hope that some new games will finally appear here.

  JohnsProgram 03 / Jul / 2006   - 12:36am
If i should get MMF2, i got to start selling games, or get another job :'

  danjo 03 / Jul / 2006   - 01:24am
gee ian - i thought any game that was fun to play no matter what it was coded in was more important than fooling yourself into thinking you are the greatest

  IanPL 03 / Jul / 2006   - 10:45am
have i told i'm the greatest?? if yes, blame me as liar. Didn't you felt an irony in "7ru3 1337 ", eh?? i'm n00b, and i know it so chill out because you don't have to prove that you're better. If criteria is "fun to play", I'm loser. If criteria is "CPU usage, abilities of work, technology used, compatibility", i have big advantage over MMF 1.5 users.

"Silence is your best friend that never betrays"

  danjo 03 / Jul / 2006   - 12:15pm
omg - too many drugs there

  SToPGAP 03 / Jul / 2006   - 12:16pm
lol, steady on lad... I don't think he was being serious

  SToPGAP 03 / Jul / 2006   - 12:18pm
I have just transferred WTFD! into MMF2 this weekend and boy am I glad I did... soooooo much better! I can see this being a lot easier to work with

  danjo 04 / Jul / 2006   - 07:36am
cool simon.
in regards to ian. i am simply stating any game whether its made in klik, basic or C++, so long as its a fun game it better than anything made in C++ thats not fun.
so just becuase someone uses C++ doesnt mean they are top stuff if all they can produce is something subpar.
this is not a swipe at you unless you want to take it that way.
i have pretty much all the langauges at my disposal and care to use whatever program i feel inclined to use at the time.

  skn3 05 / Jul / 2006   - 01:39pm
I agree! As long as the authr can find a tool they feel comfortable with it doesn't really matter what the game is made in. As long as its fun nothing else matters.
PS. I vote blitzmax for president

  danjo 06 / Jul / 2006   - 12:05am
flamewar! i vote MS BASIC 1.0

  SToPGAP 06 / Jul / 2006   - 11:06am
Nah, qBasic totally wipes the floor with that! Ah, the days of my youth spent playing bananna.bas... I can almost hear the bleeps now!

  chrisoch 06 / Jul / 2006   - 06:21pm
Ladybug? Like as in the Universal game from the 1980's? I love that game! Cool, Danjo, one of my favorites!!

  danjo 07 / Jul / 2006   - 03:40am
yeah chris and you could even see a beta

  kris 27 / Jul / 2006   - 11:59am
Brainfuck beats every other language hands-down

  pulsecode 03 / Aug / 2006   - 01:42am
Sweet beans and chicken spleens!
Long time no see Danny ;^)

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