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 It lives
TwiTerror  12 / Jan / 2006
As it turns out, I'm still snooping around here and there, and I've been quite busy.

After a fatal hard drive crash, followed by a very real week long visit at the hospital, I'm finally back in sorts. I've been writing music more than anything, but I've always been doing some work for the upcoming MMF2 by Clickteam, which may or may not directly affect our ACoders visitors.

My most recent excursion, however, has been the creation of 'Klik' related VIDEO podcasts, stamped with our Apocalyptic Coders logo to help reel in the traffic. (; You can subscribe to the podcasts with iTunes, iPodderX, or any other tool you can find. For our simpletons, you can also just check the website weekly and find new episodes that you can watch straight through your browser.

The two podcasts are simply titled 'Klik-Cast' and 'Klik-Feed.' Klik-Cast is a 'Cinematech' like cast featuring gameplay videos from various freeware games set to music. Most of the games spawn from the Klik community that birthed us. Klik-Feed focuses on actually commenting on these games in a somewhat intelligent manner. The podcast updates nearly weekly and can be found HERE at

As far as music is concerned, I've matured to an orchestral sound which can be demo'd here. I'm hard at work on the next Spirit Engine soundtrack as well as music to be packaged with some game creation tools.


  t0nad0 13 / Jan / 2006   - 08:54pm
Josh! <3

  skn3 15 / Jan / 2006   - 10:42am
josh thats awsome .. keep at it if oyu need any help, i can try and put in some time

  jackjack 20 / Jan / 2006   - 09:09pm
OMG its teh JOSH :o Lo

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