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News Help skn3 get an ipod nano

 Help skn3 get an ipod nano
skn3  14 / Sep / 2005
Hey all wanna do me a big big big favour ?
Help me get an ipod nano. It will cost you no money and you are then 1 step closer to getting your very own ipod FOR FREE!.

1) Click here (opens in a new window)

2) Signup for your freepay account, this is all 100% free
I advise you to setup a new hotmail account and use it for this. You dont want to be spammed!

3) Complete one of the offers from the freepay site. I signed up to the WPTpoker offer, deposited £25 using my visa electron. Played some web based slot machines and hi / lo style games and ended up winning £100 back! (which is now on its way into my bank account!)
All the offers should let you signup and then cancel so you wont be charged anything. Make sure you wait 3-5 days before cancelling otherwise you wont be credited for completing the offer

4) Refer some friends and voila! a free ipod will be yours!

I will update everyone once i recieve my ipod

  Jimbob 14 / Sep / 2005   - 12:29pm
How about NO you crazy dutch...okay maybe not...but nah. Nice idea but you know how all these things turn out, they will never be for free in the end. You will end up paying for stuff you never expected and it'll turn out being cheaper to just buy one straight.

  skn3 14 / Sep / 2005   - 12:34pm
Well not really because in result i deposited £25 .. won £100 so that is already half the cost of a nano.

  JohnsProgram 14 / Sep / 2005   - 06:33pm
i got a question, why???
To be honest, i don't believe any of those free prizes ad.

  t0nad0 15 / Sep / 2005   - 04:02am
ipod nano is lame anyway.

  danjo 15 / Sep / 2005   - 05:23am
i personally dont endorse this behaviour

  galleon 15 / Sep / 2005   - 09:30am
I thought someone hacked into skn3's account and posted this >_<. Suprised me, that's all. What's a ipod nano? I've heard of the photo, regular, mini and shuffle.. does it get smaller than shuffle?

  Will 15 / Sep / 2005   - 05:26pm
The iPod Nano pwns. Read up about it here: http/

It's stupidly small but boats a colour screen & 2-4GB flash storage. A very nice bit of kit.

  Will 15 / Sep / 2005   - 05:27pm
Oh, yeah and the free iPod nonsense is a load of arse.

  galleon 15 / Sep / 2005   - 06:42pm
thx for the heads up Will! "WOW!" is all I can say, I can see why skn3 wants one of these I've got the 20gb but it has nothing on the nano: pencil thin and colour screen?? you must be joking.. £139 is very reasonable so why not just save up for it?

  erbbysam 15 / Sep / 2005   - 09:28pm
I've got a mini and its the *almost* greatest gift I've ever got

  skn3 16 / Sep / 2005   - 05:06pm
i can afford it, but i am saving to goto thailand

  Rhodesy 17 / Sep / 2005   - 04:16am
I cannot believe you've done this, and played that ad at the top aswell.

  Hazard 17 / Sep / 2005   - 06:41am

  IanPL 17 / Sep / 2005   - 11:20pm
i have encountered problems with banner. it does not work, propably because you alredy heve got your Nano. Maybe it's time to insert there some other referral ID instead of your's, skn3, so my registration will be more usefull??

  skn3 18 / Sep / 2005   - 12:30am
hmmm i have no nano ? what exactly did it say ?

  danjo 18 / Sep / 2005   - 10:54am
havent you got one yet?

  galleon 18 / Sep / 2005   - 03:30pm
eyes slideways @ natomic, spud.

  skn3 18 / Sep / 2005   - 06:00pm
no ipod yet nope. Still waiting for my offer status to complete.. but i have about 8 refers.. which a few might end up completing an offer #

Galleon.. eh wassat X) ?

  erbbysam 18 / Sep / 2005   - 06:59pm
if you don't like the ad just get firefox and download the "adblock" add-on and block it from showing.

  galleon 18 / Sep / 2005   - 07:01pm
Loosely translates as:
"Lookie over at natomic, Mate."

Mutant speak. "Dark Knight Returns" by Frank Miller. Classic, highly recommended. You should read it sometime.

  citizen 19 / Sep / 2005   - 01:36am
what's natomic?

/me citizen giggles

  danjo 19 / Sep / 2005   - 03:25am
lol - now andi has been raped by this ipod craze.................................... OMFG - lets clean our acts up

  t0nad0 19 / Sep / 2005   - 03:06pm
cool kids get creative's zen.

  galleon 24 / Sep / 2005   - 05:30pm
cool kids get new stuff.

Alternatively if you want small, take a look at MobileBlu's Dah1500. I know abit off-topic but it's sooooooooo cool! heh.

  erbbysam 30 / Sep / 2005   - 10:35pm
speaking of off topic do you guys spell favor: favour "across the pond"?

  IanPL 02 / Dec / 2005   - 10:12pm
Is anyone still lookin' here? And, skn3, the ad is gone, did you get the iPod??

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