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News Pssst....

JohnsProgram  11 / Sep / 2005
I got something to tell you... but it's a SECRET.
Check out one of my incomplete projects and you'll find what you will like!

Thanks for waiting.

Hint hint

OOPS! If you found out that little golden star after you beaten the boss goes through the floor, it's the bug.
I found that myself and updated the latest demo to v1.01 v1.02.

  danjo 12 / Sep / 2005   - 04:23am
so what are you doing.. abandoning this?

  citizen 12 / Sep / 2005   - 11:17am
im confused also

  Jimbob 12 / Sep / 2005   - 12:34pm
it's a demo, I don't think it's THAT confusing...

  danjo 12 / Sep / 2005   - 12:47pm
we are geriatrics, leave us be sonny!

  JohnsProgram 12 / Sep / 2005   - 02:33pm
no no, i'm not abandoning it
I released the demo as for saying thank you for waiting
its been almost 2 years since i started
if you think it's wrong to release the demo, i really wanted to know why (???)

  t0nad0 12 / Sep / 2005   - 03:20pm

  JohnsProgram 12 / Sep / 2005   - 03:42pm
but why though?
don't anyone send off their demo or they don't do that anymore?

  citizen 12 / Sep / 2005   - 08:14pm
Ok, im just plain stupid...i go to that page and see no place to download the demo. Am I missing something?

  t0nad0 12 / Sep / 2005   - 08:22pm
just link us

  skn3 12 / Sep / 2005   - 08:48pm
I am also confused where shall i click xD ?

  JohnsProgram 12 / Sep / 2005   - 11:52pm
oops, download link was deleted somehow
it's up now

  danjo 13 / Sep / 2005   - 03:25am
rather than being secretive. JUST say. i have released the demo of Lil wizard. here it is...
btw it looks really good.

  JohnsProgram 13 / Sep / 2005   - 03:40am
but i like to keep it secretive. so exciting!

  kmesse 15 / Sep / 2005   - 12:20pm
Nice job. Simple, so far bug free.
Is it me, or is there NO WAY OUT OF LEVEL 1-3?
Should SAVE progress between levels. Having to go thru all the levels again at startup will be a drag.
Being able to magic while in the air could allow some weird sort of flying by flipping around.
A little too easy to rack up lives. I'm at level 1-3 with 7 lives... should not be.

Keep up the good work!

  JohnsProgram 17 / Sep / 2005   - 07:26pm
since it is a demo, you can't save.
in the actual game, you will be able to save

  kmesse 23 / Sep / 2005   - 12:23pm
Help with level 1-3?? I can't find a thing to get me through it.

  JohnsProgram 23 / Sep / 2005   - 03:42pm
where are you in that level?

  kmesse 18 / Oct / 2005   - 12:21pm
Sorry for the delay - never mind, found the rest of the level on the right! Sheesh. Wonder why I never found that before.

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