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danjo  04 / Aug / 2005

Seeing that both Orc attack and Minigolf 1shot both recently entered at The Underdogs received TopDog awards, i noticed i had a few more entries - taking a clean sweep of TopDog awards with Pacmanworlds Original (yes you CAN stil get this one!), Misadventures of Randolph Doogleberry (Citizen and Ton, take a bow), Ski Xtreme, and Haunted House.
Jimbob also bats at 100% with arena runner & orc attack.
Not forgetting JP, also has a TopDog award with Dicies.

( Maybe an Acoders Compilation is in order. If you look at all the great titles (and there's stacks of them) in our range, it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling )

  JohnsProgram 04 / Aug / 2005   - 06:16pm
Yea, don't forget me!

So, 7 of our games has top dog awards? Well hot dog!

  Jimbob 04 / Aug / 2005   - 06:27pm
I'm loving it

  citizen 04 / Aug / 2005   - 11:44pm
wow!!! congrats to all
/me pats himself on the back too.

  danjo 05 / Aug / 2005   - 02:08am
8 Games have topdog awards hot-diggity-dog

  DarrenMcLeod 05 / Aug / 2005   - 03:28am
Way to go guys! I'm proud that all of you are Top Dogs (unfortunately, I'm still a chump).

  JohnsProgram 05 / Aug / 2005   - 05:07pm
It reminds me of the retired TV show "Dog Eat Dog", for the tonight's top dog. heh :p

  t0nad0 05 / Aug / 2005   - 08:52pm
Woah? I got an award? How the hell did that happen?

They must of meant some other Misadventures of Sir Randolph Doogleberry, British Explorer.

Btw, Danjo did some superb graphic work for it (I'm sure that's why we got an award) and of course josh/twiterror did the great music in it. It wasn't just me and cit, wouldn't be right for us to take all the credit. Specially since those guys deserve it more than I do.

Enough of the speech, let's party

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