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News S'about time...

 S'about time...
Jimbob  27 / Jun / 2005
So, it's finally here. It's not perfect, but I enjoyed making it for the most part. It's half faithful to the point where I couldn't actually get that far in the original and I had to ask the original creators for some hints to the second boss and last level. Anyway, play it, and look forward to Industrika...

EDIT: Update - I've had to fix a bug due to blitz's wierdness with videos, so it's a bit smaller but it should work on all computers now.

  IanPL 28 / Jun / 2005   - 02:54pm
hooray! i have been waiting for this game.....................................

  defenestrator 02 / Jul / 2005   - 07:44pm
Thank you for the lovely game. I have enjoyed throwing many rocks and watching blood splash on my castle walls.

  rapidflash 03 / Jul / 2005   - 05:42pm
This game rules. Good job!

  Alatar 09 / Jul / 2005   - 03:33am
Thanks for making this game! The version I used to play was for the Atari XL/XE 8 bit computer. In that version the orcs climbed up ladders, and you could drop flaming oil on them as well.

Any chance of making the game full-screen? Also, if you are entering a hi score and press the backspace key too many times it boots you back to the title page.

Thanks again!

  Jimbob 09 / Jul / 2005   - 01:38pm
Yeh, that should was meant for people who didn't want the game to connect you online, I was hoping people would spell their name right first time
And as for fullscreen, hmm, I never intended it that way, other people have commented on that so I'll have a look. I never had an Atari, but I did realise there was a version that this PD game was based on.

Cheers for the comments.

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