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 Pes4online 2.0 released + new website
skn3  09 / Apr / 2005
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Introducing Pes4online, a multiplayer application by skn3!

I hadn't posted about pes4online on acoders before, dunno why but Im posting it now. Pes4online is a multiplayer irc based meeting room for pro evolution soccer 4 and winning eleven 8. With pes4online you can instantly find somone to play against, and chat with fellow pes4 fans. The pes4online community is massive, topping 1000 users online at peek times.

To put it simply, without pes4online written by me (and a non acoder called celeborn) konami's pc version of pes4 / we8 would not have done so well. Quite an achievment me thinks

Currently there are roughly 3-4 solid weeks worth of effort put into pes4online, it is a very large project. I have made around £200 in donations from it, so its paying off for a freeware program . If your interested come take a look.

Note: You will need pro evolution soccer 4 or winning eleven 8 installed to run pes4online

Acoders project page

Official pes4online page

  citizen 09 / Apr / 2005   - 02:36pm
skn, have the company give you a commision for each member that uses it, or have a link so if someone is linked and buys from your site, you get something.

  citizen 09 / Apr / 2005   - 02:40pm
Wow skn, just checked out the site, impressive. You really are responsible for a whole host of people. congrats!

  skn3 09 / Apr / 2005   - 02:55pm
its cool , everyon praises me lol

  t0nad0 12 / Apr / 2005   - 02:05pm
can only imagine what it's like, most I've done for a gaming community was average 30 peaking at 70, and I felt pretty awesome then. When you are doing 1000, you must feel like king of the world

I need to get off my ass and do something to show for it

  skn3 14 / Apr / 2005   - 01:41pm
testing http/
(accidently deleted the global file (very important) had to recreate it from bits of other files )

  blade 23 / May / 2005   - 11:48pm
Wow, I didn't know you made pes4online!
That program rocks. I use it all the time. Beats the ass outta manually typing in IP addresses!

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