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News Welcome to the new site

 Welcome to the new site
skn3  23 / Nov / 2003
After near half a year of coding, and many scares along the way (hard disk crashing ). The site is finally here!!! It has been a long mission, and im glad its finally over. My wrists are killing me ?!

During the time the temp site was down, a new member joined. Please everyone put your hands together and welcome Jimbob
!! Im sure he"ll produce many a class game (lalala counter-what ?)

Aswell as a new member, a new game has also been completed. Darren has finished blocco and it is ready for download. Take a look...

With talented new members, new games and many projects in developement, which im sure you"ll hear about soon. Acoders seems to be stepping up a gear.

If you spot any bugs or spelling mistakes, please post in the bug forum.

To post in the forums you"ll need an account. Signing up is simple, and there are many benifits from doing so. Here is a quick rundown of the member features
  • buddies system
  • mail system
  • forums
  • oeakaki PaintBBS
  • competitions
  • worklogs
  • members groups
  • beta tests
  • collections
  • item trading
  • more...

As you can see there are plenty of features to keep you all happy.

Anyway about to say my last bit, so hope you are all ready to signup and get posting!
Thank-you everyone for being so patient, and hope you all enjoy the site


  Rhodesy 24 / Nov / 2003   - 01:30am
Yey, we have a place to call "Teh Home"

  danjo 24 / Nov / 2003   - 01:54am
Cool Bananas

  citizen 24 / Nov / 2003   - 02:03am
/me looks for the next recruit, lol j/k

  Rhodesy 24 / Nov / 2003   - 05:57am
/me puts cit on a chain

  skn3 24 / Nov / 2003   - 06:50am
lol /me no work in comments sorry }

  Clubsoft 24 / Nov / 2003   - 12:24pm
Yay! I get a free gift?

  Jimbob 24 / Nov / 2003   - 08:43pm
Boo...down with the new guy.

  skn3 25 / Nov / 2003   - 09:47am

  danjo 25 / Nov / 2003   - 12:49pm
good work, all the hard effor was worth it

  skn3 26 / Nov / 2003   - 05:02am
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty

  t0nad0 27 / Nov / 2003   - 01:11am

  t0nad0 27 / Nov / 2003   - 01:11am

  skn3 27 / Nov / 2003   - 01:25am
t0n did you mean

  TwiTerror 27 / Nov / 2003   - 01:26am
i need to be excused to potty. (;

  t0nad0 27 / Nov / 2003   - 01:48am
gah my cool smiley doesn't work anymore.. how about this one


  t0nad0 27 / Nov / 2003   - 01:48am

  Cysteine 27 / Nov / 2003   - 06:01am
Great site! I love the smileys!!!

  DBack 27 / Nov / 2003   - 06:33am
I like the design

  spindrift 27 / Nov / 2003   - 03:19pm
Glad to see it up and running lads i love it.

  csar 27 / Nov / 2003   - 03:40pm
wow very nice site. No wonder the code took you guys half a year

  skn3 27 / Nov / 2003   - 03:43pm

  skn3 27 / Nov / 2003   - 03:48pm
there fixed i think ?

  TwiTerror 27 / Nov / 2003   - 07:25pm
You should fix the ones up there

  shen 28 / Nov / 2003   - 09:37pm
w00t! um. yay

  JayDee 28 / Nov / 2003   - 11:56pm
now make a community site that's this fun....
/me taps foot impatiently

Is it done yet?

  DBack 29 / Nov / 2003   - 03:32am
Oh my God. I never knew collecting stuff could be so fun and wild (Omg donate cash please?!?!?!?!?)
We really should thank DF for the idea though

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