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 Ludum Dare Entries
JohnsProgram  23 / Sep / 2014 View comments 0

I've been participating this friendly competition called Ludum Dare.

Ludum Dare is an online event where you have 48 hours to construct a working game that matches the theme. They occur three times a year, so it's every April, August, and December.

I've participated four times and I would like to share them here:

Parallel Worlds

A maze game where you enter portals to different worlds. Most worlds have different physics.


A platformer where you find giant Gashapon machines that"ll spit out a capsule containing your weapon.

Time Flex

Contains multiple games where you can play them endlessly until you lose. However, you can only lose once in a minigame. So, if you"re about to lose, you can flex time to get a different minigame. Sadly, there are only two minigames! heh


There are two particles: good and bad. You control the good particles by programming them with commands to defeat the bad ones.

-- You can see all of my entries here --

One extra note about "Parallel Worlds," I plan to turn it into a complete game. Therefore, I'll post more details about it here when it develops.

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 Worth Another Look: Zone Runner!
JohnsProgram  31 / Mar / 2014 View comments 1
Click to open image in new window

We've been pirated in a good way! Chris Street's classic platformer Zone Runner sailed it way into the Pirate Bay Bundle! (Expect more pirate jokes, arrg.)
"Zone Runner" is an arcade-styled game for Windows where your main job is to collect coins and not get killed. The game is best known as an inspiration for a popular game franchise "N+" -- in addition to Acoder's own "Crystal." Outrageous that the game is over 10 years old, the fun has not died and it's definitely worth another look! You'll find the original "Zone Runner" and its sequel in the compilation package, both for Windows.
Just a small note, you may have to use Window's compatibility mode if you are using Windows 7 and up.

Download "Zone Runner Compilation"
Download the entire Pirate Bay Bundle!

Do what you want cause a pirate is free. You are a pirate!

 Seeking feedback for Mosaic Mingle
JohnsProgram  28 / Nov / 2013 View comments 1
After one month of releasing "Mosaic Mingle," it received some very promising comments. Although, many things need to be addressed before I potentially start a sequel.
I plan to develop a postmortem report of "Mosaic Mingle", but I wanted to give you players one last opportunity to express your thoughts so I can better address some points in my report.

Here are ways you can post your feedback:
  1. At TigForums
  2. By e-mail. (You"ll find my e-mail address at my Acoder"s profile.)
  3. At the comment box of this news article.
  4. At our forums, preferably at "Mosaic Mingle Dev".

Those are best places to send your detailed feedback. Ideally, if you go to TigForums, I have listed a few points from my postmortem to give you ideas when writing your feedback. Remember: a game cannot be successful without hearing the players' opinions!

Thank you all who are willing to help out!

 Mosaic Mingle is Ready!
JohnsProgram  13 / Oct / 2013 View comments 9

I'm very happy to report that the latest game, "Mosaic Mingle," is finished and playable online!

Since this game is a Flash game, the game is hosted at Kongregate.

-- Click here to try the game out --

In addition, I've added this game in our list of software so I can post news to any future version updates of Mosaic Mingle. Click here to go to this game"s software page.

 Mosaic Mingle Progress
JohnsProgram  22 / Aug / 2013 View comments 5
I have recorded a demonstration of playing "Mosaic Mingle" on YouTube.

I'm happy to report that the developing is going well and it is 3/4 completed! By a very rough estimate, it should be ready by the end of September. Again, it's a "very rough estimate."

Here are some related links regarding the development:
Dev Log (Acoders)
Dev Log (TIGForums)

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