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Name Jonnathan Smadello
Age 25
Location Manitoba, Canada
Website none.

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    14 / Oct / 2006 A few short projects

    I miss making new games, so why should I glope about it?

    There's a few small projects I have been working on.

    Zcorb - You control a small cute blob to collect all the yellow squares (or chips.) Silimiar to pac-man. It's almost done, so there's no need to put this in the "projects" page.

    Pikeline - With the infamous built-in movement in MMF, it uses a fixed-path movement. You control this shiny ore to allow it to complete it's path safely without touching the walls. You can place these ores in the designated areas (checkered board) as a hint to reach your goals.

    That's the two alright! I'll post more information on the upcoming releases later on.

    11 / Jul / 2005 History of my games

    I really like to create games, such a new experience for me, and fun too! I haven't heard about K&P or other klik products since 1999, back then, I was hacking NEW roms. (I think my hacks can be found at most emulation and rom hacks sites if you're lucky.) After I find out about those programs and gotten K&P free, made my maxis though, (creators of SimCity and the Sims) I had quit hacking roms and moved on there to create fresh new games without changing the levels and graphics of a game already released.
    I've tried many programs, such as K&P, TGF, game maker, RPG maker, and maybe more to find out how it all works. I only used K&P, TGF, and MMF1.5 to create my games because the way it edits and creates games. Just one kilk away, my official Kilk pun. haha :p I had made so many games, but most never seen the light of day because of boringness and was lost from many disasters such as hard drive failure. These are all of my projects i have created and planned for awhile. Have a look and see!

    (the list is roughly made from notepad, so some lists may not be in order)

    name - genre - made - released? - reason (if not)

    catch the coins - mario fan game, ripped graphics and music. Just catch all the coins. - was released and made in 2000, but not for too long
    mario's adventure (K&P) - donkey kong fan game, ripped stuff - made in 2001 - unreleased - too boring and buggy
    breakout extreme - guess - made in released in 2000, but not for too long
    racing 2000 - almost like super sprint for the arcade - made in 2001 ironically - unreleased, it sucked
    joe snow - fan game of an old dos game - made in 2001 - unreleased, lost in hard drive crash when i had win95
    kirby break out - fan game from a GB game- made in 2001 - unreleased, just like joe snow

    katch-it - ball and paddle, got to let the ball hit the paddle - made in 2001 - released only as a v-cade game, then was no longer there (good thing anyways, lol)
    clyde's cave - platforumer kind of game - made in 2001 - unreleased - it was LAME and buggy
    hang glider - strange game involving a robot riding on like a sky lifter - made in 2001 - unreleased, lost interest
    mario's adventure (TGF) - super mario fan game - made in 2002 - unreleased - lost interest
    ultimate umbrella - see that umbrella fly! - made in 2001 - unreleased - boring
    balloon ride - similiar to balloon kid (GB) - made in 2002 - unreleased - lost interest
    group - bust'a'move like game - made in 2002 - unreleased - way too buggy
    Velocity Shapes - "perfection" kind of game - made in 2001 - released, but was lost after web site failure
    hyper ball - another break out clone, a bit better - made in 2001 - released as demo, but lost with velocity shapes
    evil squared - survival game, move around, avoid the evil square poping up randomly - made in 2001 - could be released
    soda junky - arcade game, almost like bubble bobble - made in 2002 - released, still available
    soda junky 2 (TGF) - a sequel from the successful game - made in 2002 - unreleased and deleted, when i got mmf1.5, i thought it's better to do it on there

    soda junky 2 (MMF) - a sequel from the successful game - made in 2002 - released now
    tracer - a line tracing game - made in 2002-2003 - unreleased, lost of interest
    firework frenzy - click on the flying fireworks to explode - made in 2002-2003 - released, but only to v-cade (no longer there)
    Kirby's racing challenge (guessed) - involving games such as chicken race to press the button many times to go far, involving Kirby!! <^^)> - made in 2002 - unreleased, but was hosted at my web site long time ago as an online game. It sucked pretty bad though.
    paci-noid - a cross from pachiniko and arkanoid - made in 2003 - released, but was removed, was sooo boring. I might lost it anyways from hard drive failure (2005)
    diceies - paramedes remake - made in 2003 - released now (at v-cade too)
    minder - simon remake - made in 2003? - released now
    shima bros - 4 players controlled by 1 player - made in 2003-2004 - released now
    blox blox - a good puzzler, supposed to be a 2 bit game during the 2bit craze - made in 2003 - unreleased, lost interest
    bubble ghost - a remake - made in 2004 - released
    crystal - nice platforumer, catch all the crystals - made in 2004 - released now
    soccerdude - funny game, kick the ball to the goal, passing obsacles - made in 2004 - unreleased, was lost to hard drive failure (2002)
    lil wizard - cool adventure game - currently being created since 2003-2004
    flipull advantage - remake - made in 2005 - released
    mine sweeper - remake - made in 2005 - released
    burst'n tumble - control a ship to shoot and avoid the falling blocks - made in 2005 - unreleased from hard drive failure (2005)
    across - a quickie game to seperate the blue from the red - made in 2005 - released

    My ratio for released games over the over all games I made is very low. That reason is because I wanted to create a good game without causing grief and complains from others, mostly from mario clones. Yep, I'm too made a few Mario fan games myself to build my experence with the creation. I might haven't been making too many games as I used too mostly because of work and school. It could be possible if one or more of my unfinished games could get a chance to see the light, just got to add more inspiration into it. Otherwise, it'll be very dull and won't be worth playing again.
    Do i still like making games? Yea, of course I do. It's something I would like to do as a carrer, maybe for Nintendo or something. Hey, dreams may happen, right?

    Thanks for viewing!

    29 / Dec / 2003 Crystal

    So far in Crystals, I'd just finished world 5, now I'm moving on to world 6. I was thinking on adding a secret world, but I'm not tellin'!

    I'm about to create a project about it, so check it out sooner or later.


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    Super mario bros

    A collection paying tribute to one of the must fun games of all time. Super mario.
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Unlimited supply in catalogue! Magic star (cost:  ac 4000)
Unlimited supply in catalogue! Mario bike (cost:  ac 5000)
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JohnsProgram owns 1 of these Warp wing (cost:  ac 25000)
Unlimited supply in catalogue!

    Not currently working on any projects...

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     Sodajunky 1 & 2

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     3D Vic
     Vic (from Lil Wizard)
     Vic (sketch)

    All of JohnsProgram's music:
     Crystal ST

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