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Name Andrew
Age 18
Location Hazard Games!

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    Err... This is me! I'm 18, I live in Moscow and I have been making Click games since 2000.

    17 / Apr / 2004 Pozdnyak 2 development started!

    Just started the development of Pozdnyak 2. You can download the first part here:
    The part 2 will have weapons, savegames, more smart enemies, and more complex levels. And, of cource, a lot of easter eggs!

    05 / Feb / 2004 New Game!

    I have stopped developing Hack Back for a while, and started a new project. It's called Pozdnyak, Actually I call it The Terrible Thing That A Man Can Do Out Of A Class Photo. It does not have supercool graphics, on the contrary they are of poor style. Every character will have a photo face and a cartoon body. The storyline is the following: once, a very annoying Jirick took the cellphone from Pozdnyak for a minute and broke it. The mobile was a present of his family for birthday, and it contained an unread SMS from his girfriend Vika. As you can understand, the f*ggot ran away and Pozdnyak had to catch him to kick his fat butt. The first level is nearly done. Nothing more that is not secret at the moment...

    25 / Dec / 2003 Hazard Games website

    I suppose I have made 80% of it - now I'm making my own forum engine and the administrating section for the site. It looks the best site I have ever made!
    Still I have much to do. For example, the work on Hack Back was stopped and I cannot afford it.
    BTW - there will be a Moscow Pupil Website contest, and I have much chances to win it - the site is beautiful, has many abilities and has information - as most of the contest sites are empty and are prectically templates, not sites. But it will be next autumn - so I have much time...

    28 / Nov / 2003 2 projects at once...

    Just started making level 3 of Hack Back... Noticed some differences from the plan I did - still the level's going to be large and difficult. 75% of all backdrops are already there - and all events needed. I just need to put monsters, corner-hangers, bouncers and that's nearly all!
    With the appearance of Stickanim8or, I continued the work on Stickman Studio 1.6 - added thickness and fixed incorrect movement. Hope people will notice this stuff now!


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