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Name Adam Perry
Age 16
Location England

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    04 / May / 2004 My Competition Entry

    Me and my team mates have come up with the full story line and planned it already. All that we need to do is make it, it's really that simple.....

    Here's bullet points of what we have completed, in chronological order:

    Designed the levels/wrote them down, what will happen, etc.

    Graphics done for first level. Including main characters.
    Started work on the first level.
    Created first level.
    Conversation engine completed, very effeciant. Im proud.

    Music for Title screen contemplated/made
    Music for an important level completed (Cant say what yet)
    Music for another important level completed

    Second level started.
    A few important game engines completed.
    More graphics for the second level done.

    Music for first town completed.

    Third level started.
    Graphics started for the third level.

    More graphics done for second level.

    Done more work on the second level, added the first actual objective and started work on the other. (I would of done it, but I realised i had made a small storyline mistake, and me being a perfecionist had to change it)

    Drawn a cow.

    I had to change the second level again, due to some graphical misunderstandings, but now that's done, it looks even better!

    Second Level Completed.

    We now have a good set of tiles and we all know what has to be done, so we are splitting down our work to make it quicker.
    - Started work on level 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.... (They arent actual level numbers, but if i told you what they were it would ruin the suprise )

    Alot of work has been done on level 4. As this level is used later on in the game but in a differant manner. It kind of counts for 2.

    2 new peices of music made.

    I created a rough in game menu, but i dont quite like the look of it, so im going to do it again. Took me 2 seconds.

    More to come...


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