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Name Jonathan Pittock
Age 21
Location England

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    03 / Dec / 2003 Project

    Since the site is done, I have been tinkering with something. I was playing with the idea, the whole time during creation of the site. Obviously i could not work on it until now!

    I won't say much now, only when I am happy there is a fair bit done. Just something I find helps to get a project completed. (not releasing too much too early)

    The project is an application, that I plan to sell as shareware. For an affordable price, obviously!. I feel that that it will have many uses.

    There are many applications out there that do what my n will do. But!, I feel that myn is going to fill a gap that is currently not filled. The app is aimed at games/apps programmers, and created by a games/apps programmer. So it should be good

    Anyway check my log sometime in the near future for more juicy details.

    24 / Nov / 2003 Site done

    Ok first worklog is mine YAY

    Welcome ot the new site


    Completed set!
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    Completed set!
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    Christmas compo 1
    Completed set!
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    Iso Consoles
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    RhysD Medievil Collection
    3 / 5
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    Cave In
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    Completed set!
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    Atari 2600
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    British crisps
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    Super mario bros
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    All projects skn3 is working on, or has abandoned:
     Ac Highscore system
     Poyu Poyu

    All released software that skn3 worked on:
     Arena Runner
     Blitz Gadget Properties
     Blitz+ Statusbar lib
     Color picker 2005
     Exe resources userlib
     Gdi font userlib
     Menu Xp
     Nfo studio

    All of skn3's artwork:
     A castle
     A Chibby supersized cartoon character
     A Chrome ball
     Acoders crew comic issue1
     Action pensioner title screen
     Allergies ?
     Brandi the beautiful chubby girl
     Cave-in title screen
     Dan,Neko,Cavein Album cd cover
     Disco dan
     druid 3d render 1
     Druid character, line work
     Druid character, sketch
     Druid final 2d image with color
     Evil paint can
     Evil pc
     Fad a fall ?
     Fire ?!
     George bush
     Hglt logo
     hut 2
     In the garden
     Naughty bits
     Panda on sybian
     Pod seat Compo entry
     Sexy cherry
     Shaun the sheep
     Simpsons house
     Space dude
     Stuck ?
     Stuck in the bath
     The acoders logo
     Unwrapped skin
     Walking animation

    Not added any music...

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    The name of Circy was handed to Chris Street many years ago by the Click Community. Chris, who was once known as Circlesoft (after calling himself Team Ultimate X) received the name unwillingly, but it has stuck ever since.

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    It's been too long since I updated this page. But here we are. SEVEN new screenshot...

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    Jamie's Reven...
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    Crystal ST
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