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Subject: Hi admins!
This is JohnsProgram

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7 years ago Posted on: 24 / Apr / 2013
There's a serious topic ahead...

Hello people and admins! Hope everyone's doing alright. I am alright too. Well... I was originally keeping this only for admins, but I feel this is something I needed to share as I already released the prototype.

First off, a new game. I'm currently developing a puzzle flash game that I hope would get myself into the groove of making games again. Here is what I have got under the name "Mosaic Mingle."
I hope this would be fun enough to play and kill some time. Let me know how was it here or on twitter under jprogman . (note the spelling.)

Second, a serious topic...

I'll be quite frank; I did sort of disappeared and avoid the whole game making field due to difficult times managing my unemployment and my depression in part of unemployment. Because game development doesn't exist in my area, I had to resort into very drastic measures in order to get a paid job. Not that money was the issue, it was about getting myself out into the work force and earn experience. With that much pressure, I had wasted too much time applying at some I.T. jobs to where I may stand a chance and without getting chewed for the lack of actual work experience. Unfortunately, I did get chewed out and then some, which made me question my skills and asking myself "Did I really earn those skills or was it all just a fluke?"

So, when I.T. jobs became dangerously scarce, I had to resort to a new low skill-wise by choosing jobs like cashier or sales representative. I figured those were my next best things that I could do... but I was wrong. That was before I realized what things I can and cannot handle regardless of trying. I was under the notion to learn new things and conquer new challenges once I was able to try. However, due to how big companies treat their employees nowadays, I never got a chance. Worse yet, some of the things mentioned during training were things that I was never good at the first place: communicating with people, listening to people, handling pressure, handle various work shifts, handling noisy environments, etc. With such a multicultural world, I'm no good at transposing what was spoken with accents into meanings inside of my head. I'll admit that I have some disabilities that would otherwise pose too huge of a challenge than what other people were able today.

So why did I switch from I.T. to retail work in the first place? Because I wouldn't stand a chance in I.T., especially how much time was wasted finding work instead of keeping myself up to date learning new languages on my own. I did consider freelancing many times, but that was during my depression and couldn't convince myself well that I have what it takes. I didn't think I'm cut out to work with other people regardless of having the skills.


By now, I have sorted some things out with my family, my case workers, and my psychologist (to talk to when my depression strikes badly again) to cope and still reach to my career choice: game design and development. It was something that I always wanted to do and would like to take it seriously. I still have some great ideas that I would like to share and cash in to incrementally build my foundation of developing new video games.

If not game development at times, software development would be my next best thing for sure. Although, it has been awhile since I have last constructed applications and there are still more languages that I haven't "mastered" by now. While I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for job openings in I.T., I will be more selective and focus on the ones that I would be more confident in explaining my work-related experience and knowledge. For example, after working on a flash game, I would find jobs that required working knowledge of developing flash applications.

I can't say that I'm out of depression for sure and liable to relapse when something bad happens to me or around me. So far I got support and a working plan as long as I keep motivated and persistent and... of course... ambitious. I do believe I can be profitable, just I wanted to show a lot more better than when my demons are lurking about.
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This is Jimbob

Topics: 67
Replies: 474
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7 years ago Posted on: 28 / May / 2013
Good to hear you've found a way forward.

Going independent, particularly in the gaming industry is not particularly easy, which is part of the reason I've kept it as a hobby and not a full time endeavour. That doesn't stop me from being jealous of those that have taken it up and been successful with it!

Still, it sounds like you are being sensible, the key is to have good, and finished, examples of your own work, and starting with a simple prototype and building it up to something more special is a good way to do that. One of my friends from uni made 'Greedy Bankers', which is an exceptionally simple concept, but was pulled into places that made it more special.

I had a few goes of Mosaic Mingle, it's good so far. Has a very Picross feel to it. If it wasn't Flash, it seems like it might be suited to a touch-tablet type interface, not sure how you'd port it...
Just one question so far: with the randomness, is there any logic to make sure the last piece will actually be one of the outer perimeter pieces?

I'll keep up with progress when I can!
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This is JohnsProgram

Topics: 76
Replies: 439
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Group: Acoders
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7 years ago Posted on: 29 / May / 2013
Good seeing ya again Jimbo!

True that I'm heading for a difficult route, but I may stand a chance if I play my cards right. It's important to go towards what you're talented at or else people will not take you seriously. Even something like talking, persuading, or listening are talents; which I don't really have and often get chewed up in job interviews. By working more on the things that I believe to be more talented at, I would stand out more and even hide the things that I don't have talent on.

To answer your question, the "randomization" process is carefully played out. Much like how sliding puzzles are shuffled; they follow the mechanism to prevent flaws. In the game's case, the uncolored tiles are placed on the board by randomly picking a valid move. In the process, the moves are checked to make sure it won't lead to creating gaps. After every tiles are placed on the picture, their sequence are saved and then the tiles are colorized accordingly to where they are on the picture. Therefore, there are several ways to complete the puzzle for one sequence of tiles. Although, in rare cases, there could be only one way to solve the puzzle.
I don't know for sure, but I think Flash applications are easily supported on tablets. I'd like to enter the mobile market... when I get a tablet/phone. Oh well, need to take baby steps towards monetizing!
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