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Subject: PACZ problem?
This is ander

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13 years ago Posted on: 26 / Oct / 2006

I've just downloaded PACZ 1.4, but I can't get a game to start. When I go to the New screen, the hand (pointer) doesn't appear; all I see is a highlight (animated stars) on the Back sign.

When I go to the Tokens screen, there's no pointer either---and the usual keys (Esc, Spacebar, arrows) have no effect. (I found I could leave the screen by pressing Ctrl+Shift---but that's odd.)

I've tried it on two PCs with the same results (both running SP2). Is this really a bug? I think someone would have noticed by now. Or maybe I'm just being stupid...?

Cheers, Ander

This is danjo

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13 years ago Posted on: 27 / Oct / 2006
if you are on the select a slot.. use left and right to select a slot, and enter/shift/space etc..

i think its the same for the tokens aswell.. use left and right to navigate..

the whole navigation thing in the game is a little screwedup, as i changed it multiple times with bandaids rather than rewriting all those sections.
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