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Subject: One day, i hope to get my "oldest project complete"
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15 years ago Posted on: 21 / Oct / 2004
when i bought blitz3d a very long time ago, i had 1 project in mind. a 3d training program, where you connect a device to a stayionary bike trainer to your pc, and you can ride in races etc on a velodrome.
well, after many many attempts at modelling, texturing, programming, there was always something that i couldnt figure out.
recently, i have put my head down, and tried to concentrate on getting a result. so far so good.
i have finally got a track model done- it was a lot harder than i imagined - since i was trying a lot of things without any knowledge of how 3d actually worked.
so far its half textured.

oddly enough, what i thought would be a snap, (doing the software) has turned out the most difficult.. as the hardware (device to connect) i successfully made a long time ago.
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