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Acoders Indie Game Making Competition 2004

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E-On Software
Aeon Games

Entry details
Title: Retrospect

Game Author: Shanon White

This is a really well planned out fun game. The author has clearly thought how to implement time properly. The game consists of the usual FPS dumb enemies to blast through, with doors and switches galore. The fun and clever part comes in when you start using the time machine. You are able to travel back in time, and watch the steps you just took. This comes in handy with timed doors that shut before you can reach them.

You simply hop into the time machine, and wait for your ghost self to repeat the steps you just took, and voila.

In the screenshots you will see a human character, this is you in the past. A very clever game, and some of us enjoyed playing it a lot. The only niggle is the fact there is no proper crosshair, which makes aiming hard at times.
( 11 meg )


Total points from all judges, per catergory
How clever the use of theme of "time" is. 6150 / 7000
Gameplay. 2645 / 3500
Originality. 1407.5 / 1750
Control. 1212.5 / 1750
Graphics. 1382.5 / 1750
Sound. 1412.5 / 1750
Lastability. 1360 / 1750
Presentation & Atmosphere 1482.5 / 1750
Overall. 2900 / 3500
Total 19952 / 24500

Judges comments
This game used the time element very good. You have to travel through time and help yourself finish levels. This basically means that at certain times, you and your self of the past/future would be fighting robots to complete the level. I found the game confusing in the fact that it seemed like I was doing what I was supposed to, but I wasn't able to time warp very well. The presentation and layout were great and all gave you a real futuristic feel. If i would have been able to play it more, I would have been happier.

Nice game.
I found the use of time here excellent for a FPS. the shooting from the angle seemed odd,
but the puzzle element of going back in time to help yourself was great.
Nice concept here, although within the actual scope there seems to be only one method of using it which is faily disappointing. The presentation and atmosphere was good but the gameplay and controls became frustrating further on.
Nice 3D game, had some nice features. I liked the light flare effects :), a nice attention to detail. My main concern was the gun really being a pain to aim, it would of been nice with some sort of crosshair for aiming.
A brilliant game, well done!
I really liked this entry! I thought it made really good use of the time theme in a very different way from the other entries. The temporal displacement concept was really good and very well done I thought - even down to the funky effect when you jump back in time. I thought it added a really novel and interesting twist on the who FPS/puzzle game concept and whilst I didn't get very far (because I'm not very good) it certainly made me want to play on!

I thought the graphics were very nice - the whole game had a very dark and real feel to it - the levels were very nicely designed. The music was nice and atmospheric and the sound effects (esp. the computer voices) were great too.

My only real complaint with this was the aiming whilst shooting - due to the lack of a crosshair or some similar device it was really heard to tell where you were aiming at times and this made it very easy to miss and hence die quickly.

Other than that I thought this was a really good effort - best of luck!
This game has by far the best implementation of the time theme. The only downsides to this game are the walking speeds, and the 'slowness' of the game. This is the begginnings of what could be a very unique and powerful game. I look foward to seeing more.

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