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Acoders Indie Game Making Competition 2004

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E-On Software

Entry details
Title: A Time to Warp

Game Author: Scott Nelson

A "Time to Warp" is one of those games that makes you smile. The basic concept of gameplay is ridiculously simple, but that doesn't matter at all. You drive your car left or right, and fire at blocks to reveal a colored orb. The main idea behind the game is that you get to see various incarnations of the game across recent history.

Starting in the early 70's, the game goes from text based, to 2D, to full blown 3D. For completing a mode, you will get some date snippets which show you a time line of computer gaming.

The author has hit on an excellent idea here. Taken further this could potentially be a brilliant, addictive game. Perhaps if the game was played a little more like the game Warioware, with more challenging tasks it would be great. Overall, this game is really interesting, with decent graphics and a fun twist.
( 4.77meg )


Total points from all judges, per catergory
How clever the use of theme of "time" is. 5930 / 7000
Gameplay. 2150 / 3500
Originality. 1475 / 1750
Control. 1225 / 1750
Graphics. 1295 / 1750
Sound. 1362.5 / 1750
Lastability. 975 / 1750
Presentation & Atmosphere 1277.5 / 1750
Overall. 2740 / 3500
Total 18431 / 24500

Judges comments
I realy like the concept of this game. The author took a unique spin on the time element and made it their own. I liked the whole concept of being in different time eras of game graphics history. The major downfall of the game is that it gets repetative fast. If more time was taken to make the levels more fun and playable, then this game would have definatly been closer to the top.
A refreshing idea. Simple to play but not really addictive. If some sort of
link was made to indicate traveling thru the time periods, it would have scored
much higher from me.
I quite enjoyed this one. The retroness of it all made me chuckle slightly in places, although there seemed to be no end to the hard mode, which was frustrating. Well presented with the different time zones, although if there was even just one variation on the gameplay theme it could have scored so much higher.
I enjoyed this game, from when i first played it i jumped straight in and started to play jumping back and forth from time periods, then i realized i wasn't going anywhere so i read the instructions and then started to play the game properly.

Now i had a goal!.... I loved how this game took you through the era's of different styles. It used the time theme in a great way. Nice fitting graphics and music with each style this game used. My main problem with it was how delicate the controls were in some of the later game, you would tap left to move out of the way of an orb and move half way across the screen and bump into another one sending you back to the 70's.

Overall i liked the presentation of the game and with its fitting music, it had me playing for a good while.
A clever idea and well created. If more structure was added to the game, with perhaps a more mission based.. level based nature it would have been more challenging.
What a novel idea! I loved the way this game jumped through time and thought the different eras were really well executed - I didn't expect the game to make me laugh so much, I loved the green screen mode! XD

The controls couldn't have been simpler and it was instantly obvious how to play. I thought the sound and music was fantastic and really cleverly matched to the different eras and the same goes for the graphics - both very well thought out.

The game itself was basic but fun and I liked that there was a hard mode too - I'd love to see a future development with more styles of games and puzzles built in!

Good effort and good luck!
Woah is about all I can say. This game will take you through the years of gaming history. This isn't your average game, but I found it extremely appealing either way. Great job is about all I can say to this. I did find one piece of information incorrect in the game however... in 1993, Wolf 3D was released, not Castle Wolfenstein. Two different games.

Great play, give it a try.

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