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Acoders Indie Game Making Competition 2004

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Entry details
Title: Stop Clock Drop

Project leader: Logan Ames
Team members:
Logan Ames
Andrew Langlois
Lewis Ames (music)
Leif Ames (sound)

An excellent game involving traditional puzzle play, with the theme of time. The author has very cleverely themed the graphics of the game to resemble an old metal style clock face and sand timer. At first looks you may think that is it, but after taking the very well put together tutorials you soon realise there are time shifts, time echoes, time bridges and more, causing combos galore.

The general idea of the game is a cross between Columns and Tetris, with a bit of something never seen before mixed in. You use your cursor to select an area of up to 4 blocks, and you can then rotate them around and place them back down. You must group at least 4 in a square for them to react and disappear. Reacted blocks will leave a ghost, or echo. These echoes are placed on the clock face, and come into play once the clock hands do a full 360 and the echo is in the same tiem frame. It sounds complicated, and it is.

If you play through the first frustrations you will see that this game is really a lot of fun. The graphics are really superb, sound is excellent and relaxing (as a puzzle game should be). Basically you would be stupid not to download this.

We really hope the author considers adding an online multiplayer mode, and online scoreboard. This would finish this game off perfectly. Now while this compo is about freeware, we could see this game selling really well if the author decides to do that!
( 7.75meg )


Total points from all judges, per catergory
How clever the use of theme of "time" is. 6080 / 7000
Gameplay. 2950 / 3500
Originality. 1550 / 1750
Control. 1387.5 / 1750
Graphics. 1487.5 / 1750
Sound. 1412.5 / 1750
Lastability. 1482.5 / 1750
Presentation & Atmosphere 1520 / 1750
Overall. 2935 / 3500
Total 20805 / 24500

Judges comments
This game really had a unique gameplay element and use of time. As i've said before, I enjoy puzzle games and this one was spot on. The graphics where great and fit well together. My biggest complaints about the game is that it should have started out slower (although the tutorial that was in the game was an excellent touch) and that I wasn't fond of the controls. It seemed like my hands couldn't get used to the controls. This is something that probably wouldn't be as noticable after playing the game at length.

Excellent game!
This has WOW factor all over it. very polished in most departments. Its hard to beleive this
was done in the time alloted, so well done indeed. For a puzzler is pretty advanced, and very
hard to play initially. you feel so overwhelmed by the game play. This one if for hardcore
puzzlers, and should be made commercial in its future.
I liked this concept a lot, although it's not a game you can immediately pick up and play. There's a lot of depth here to the gameplay. The only let down was some inconsistency in the level of presentation.
although im not a fan of puzzle games like this i will try to keep my opinions reasonable. From a game view, this is technically outstanding for the time this was made in, and the fact it was done in MMF is even more amazing! The team managed to pull of some pretty impression features for this, one of my favorite was the "walk though" part when the game plays itself showing how to play but i did find this part did go to fast and i was left wondering what just happened.

Other features like the 2 player add more to this already full game. It has an interesting use of the time theme involving a clock dial that can be used to build up combo's, very interesting.

Very well put together is what i say :)
This game is brilliant. I really enjoyed it, and will be playing it more after the judgign is over. I hope the author adds multiplayer, and maybe creates some mission levels that lets the player slowly build up difficulty.
I thought this was a really cool game and a nice twist on a classic game concept. The tutorials were an excellent touch - they really made it easy to get into the game very quickly. I loved the graphics and thought it all blended together really nicely to make a very professional looking game.

The sound was great, just right for the style of game with enough well-placed bleeps and bloops to keep any avid puzzle-gamer more than happy.

The controls were a little strange at first but I quickly got used to them and really enjoyed playing the game. I love the "echos" in the game, they really add a whole extra dimension to the strategy and it makes it even more enjoyable in 2 player mode!

I can see myself playing this one for quite some time to come!
This is a very unique game with an awesome application of the theme of 'Time.'

The game plays a lot like a mix between Dr. Mario and Tetris, only with the addition of the time element.

As you create 'reactions,' 'echoes' are also setup, which allows you to rack up points 'till the end of time.

Unfortunately, the game isn't presented quite as nicely as I'd like to see it, and it is a bit strange to figure out at first. The controls are customizeable, but tricky to get used to.

However, this is a perfect example of the use of the time theme. Excellent work.

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