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About Site archive.

Site archive
Apocalyptic Coders has developed from humble beginnings with a variety of web site styles, both good and bad along the way. Here is a selection of the old sites which we have prised out of the dusty archives for your viewing pleasure:

Humble beginings

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After completing sheepwars 1 and 2 in 1997, stop-gap created the first ever skn3/acoders website. With a truly disgusting color scheme. Eye-burning graphics, the mmf developers web ring plastered all over... we had entered newbie-ville!

At the time Acoders had not officially been created, it was just stop-gap and skn3 in an unoffical partnership.

1 year later in 1998, skn03 founded the group called "skn3" with Cking (now known as rhodesy)

Growing bigger

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Clubsoft, Cjb and Stop-gap joined acoders in the following year. It was time for a new name, and put to a vote 'Apocalyptic coders' or Acoders was decided on. Shortly after, clubsoft finished the creation of our first interactive site. The design was basic and very dark, but it was nevertheless a gigantic leap for us.

New skin, old site

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The dark look of the old site was kept for a long time. Eventually we set Clubsoft on to the task of designing a new layout and when the new skin was completed and it looked great! The site was bigger and better, and our first big success in web pages.

Playing catch up

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As time went by, the lack of interactive features on the acoders site became its major downfall. Some time after the first redesign Skn3 took the reins and set about creating a newly revamped version. Using the old code skn3 coded day and night for 2 weeks solid. When the site relaunched with a new skin, a new layout and many new interactive features it was a great success once again.

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Come the start of 2003, Acoders were on the brink of something new. With several games in the works and new additions to the team we need something new... At the begining of the summer, rhodesy started working on a totaly new site. Great progress was made on the site, with rhodesy doing code and skn3 doing graphics.

Temporary measures

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Whilst rhodesy was busy working on the ill-fated new design, skn3 was creating a very small temporary site. This took 4 days to finish.

New design

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After a while skn3 took over the project and set about creating the site, once again from scratch as he was in a position to spend a lot more time on the project. So with nearly 5 months of work under his belt and well over 80,000 lines of code, the site was completed.

More to come... ?

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