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Here you can find all information regarding acoders. There are also guidlines plus terms & conditions for site usage. Please choose one of the following sections.

About acoders

Apocalyptic Coders (or Acoders as it is often called) started out in life as SKNO3 way
back in 1997. Having just finished the first Sheep Wars game, Jonathan Pittock(skn3)
set up a web site and after many incarnations, several name changes and the
addition of Stephen Rhodes (Rhodesy, or CKing as he was known way back when),
Apocalyptic Coders was born.

Since then we have grown and developed, taking on many members over the years
and expanding our range of talents and areas of interest. We currently have a team of
11 people in the group from many different countries including England, America,
Canada and Australia. With a string of popular game, application and music releases
not to mention international magazine coverage, we have become one of the more
prominent groups within the community. Our aim is (and has always been) to create
quality games and software for all. The group originally started out using
‘Click’ products such as Click & Create, The Games Factory and Multimedia Fusion
but over time has branched out into other languages and authoring tools such
as Blitz Basic and C++.

You are currently visiting the 7th incarnation of our website, which is by far the most
advanced and feature rich one yet. For anyone interested, an archive its predecessors
can be viewed here.


Acoders has an irc channel #apocalypticcoders on
Anyone is free to come on and join in with the fun and frolics that usualy goes on there.
There is a large crowd that hangs out in the channel, so your never without someone
to talk to.

If would like to chat to us now, we have an online application that can connnect to our channel.
Please click here to launch the irc client.

Code of conduct

We ask you when using our site and the facilities within to please respect a few basic
rules... Please be polite and refrain from the use of inappropriate or abusive
language. Please do not abuse the facilities or attempt to gain access to areas you are
not authorised to access. Please do not link directly to any files on our site, instead
link to the page(s) on which they are hosted.

Further to that, please make full use of the features and facilities and enjoy using our

Terms & Conditions

Apocalyptic Coders accepts no responsibility for any loss or damages caused by using
our web site or our software. We accept no responsibility for the content of any web
site to which we provide links, nor to those sites who link to us. Whilst we do
endeavour to check all of our materials for viruses and other potentially harmful side
effects before making them available to you, use of them is done so entirely at your
own risk.

You may not reproduce any materials in any manner or form from our site or other
sources, without our express permission or a prior standing agreement with us. We
acknowledge any copyright or trademarked materials or products to their respective
owners, all other materials are copyright of Apocalyptic Coders. If you feel we have
used materials in any way that infringes your copyright, please contact us to discuss
the matter and we will consider removing the offending item(s).

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Did you know that Acoders started with just two members and now has over ten?

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